Little Girl Throws Back Foul Ball, Father Devastated

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Philadelphia Phillies fan Steve Monforto took his little daughter Emily to his favorite team's game last night. Maybe next time he'll take a friend.

Steve made a terrific catch of a foul ball off the bat of the Phillies' Jayson Werth, only to hand it to Emily and watch her toss it back on the field.

The reaction on his face is priceless. Pure pain.

Just the same, Monforto is an even better dad than he is a fan, as he immediately comforted his daughter, to "let her know she didn't do anything wrong."

Hey, she might be a future player herself. Check out the arm on Emily ...

After a month that has included an Oregon-Boise State fight and a Serena Williams meltdown, it's nice to post a lighter moment from the world of sports.


Fab dad! He didn't even shout a little bit at the small girl...really cute there though...he hugged her. Haha.. nver mind, I guess...a ball is much less compared to his daughter.


How sad for dad! It was so sweet how quick he was to let her know she didn't do anything wrong. I hope the officials for this team give dad the game ball.