Lamar Odom Insists on Prenup; Khloe Kardashian Wedding to Be a Fake?

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A day prior to her wedding, Khloe Kardashian has something old (father Bruce Jenner); something new (her breasts); something borrowed (the spotlight); and something blue (a sad sister Kim for being shoved out of said spotlight).

She also has a lawyer.

That's because fiance Lamar Odom is finally showing an ounce of rational thinking. He's insisting on a prenuptial agreement. There's just one problem:

In order for E! to foot the bill for the $1 million wedding, it must take place tomorrow. That's not enough time to hash out a contract between the couple, both sides of which have romantically hired an attorney the day before the ceremony.

Happy New Family

According to TMZ, here's the likely solution: like her love for Odom, Khloe's wedding tomorrow will be fake.

In order to work out a post-nuptial agreement, the ceremony would have to be non-binding. Once the financial details are worked out in case of a divorce, the couple can then officially tie the knot.

So, why don't Kardashian and Odom simply wait until this takes place and hold an actual wedding? Because cameras wouldn't have time to capture it, get it on the air and garner great ratings from the event.



WOW!! Are ya'll really hating that bad....leave it alone, it dont matter the race or the looks of anyone..if its love its love and if its not who gives a crap....sorry ya'll couldnt marry a rich 'ugly' man (as you say)....maybe he has a great and she's the only one that looks beyond his looks and appreciates that!


Those white devils taken all our good men, regaudless on how he may look.... he could have got a black woman who was adv looking and did way better than that white flee bag trick. white trash is what they all are.
Kardashian know if Odom was broke, that they wouldn't want nothing to do with his black ass. They really making they self look bad, less than a month... GET REAL.


I don't know why evry1 is making sch a big fuss; u got ur ugly & the beast because lamar odom is a ugly ass regrdls of his $$ at least he's getin a prenup done, that should make sme of u blk wmen feel alittle atease
it looks like that box face man lookin ass won't be diggin for gold after all, that goes to show that white trash cant be trustd as well


Those Kardashian Girls seems to do anything for a buck.
Thank God they only do it with Rich Negros. Oops "Boys".
"Who are desperate for trailor white trash" Thank God! Save the white boys.


I totally could live the rest of my natural born life without hearing the name "Kardashian" ever again!! I am sick of these attention-seeking Skanks!!


EWWWWWWWWWWW.......Lamar Odom definitely leaves alot to the LOOKS DEPARTMENT. Gag me, Khloe. But then again.......he prolly DOES DO THAT!!!!!! He is homely, plainly. Fugly. Rich and Fugly. AND a fake wedding, no less. Ugh. Is nothing sacred any more? Poor Robert.....rolling in his garve......................

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