Kim Kardashian Kries: Bye, Bye Blonde Hair!

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Kim Kardashian really needs to make a new sex tape.

The socialite is quickly losing steam in the public relations battle with her sisters, as Kourtney is dominating the celebrity gossip world with news of her pregnancy; and photographers everywhere are rushing out to get shots of Khloe and new boy toy Lamar Odom.

Great Blower

As for Kim? She dyed her hair blonde this summer.

Now, drumroll, please... she's going back to black!!! That's it. That's the extent of the news about this reality star, as not even Kardashian herself could find way to make this interesting. She simply wrote on her blog:

I'm dying my hair back dark...bye bye blonde, see u next summer! Love ya!

Peace out, ugly hair color: Kim Kardashian is returning to her roots... literally!

Do you like Kim as a blonde?


kim u are beautiful!!!


This girl looks different facially everytime I see her! What's going on?


Well, that was impulsive. I liked the blonde...and if, as Kardashian Klaims, she had "virgin"(never processed) hair than it was just a giant mistake to do it in the first place if she was just going to throw a color that is next to impossible to strip out with the intentions that "see you next summer" imply...eyeroll.


They always say shes boreing so I have been watching lately and she is really boreing on the show now that her sisters pointed it out its all I can focus on. She is clearly georgous eaither way but she only had her hair blonde for like 3 weeks what was the point of that it looked good she didn't give it enough time.

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