Kim Kardashian Kontinues to Pimp Out Body, Soul

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This is truly pathetic.

Kim Kardashian is not satisfied with the money and attention she's garnered from... well, starring in a sex tape with Ray J.

Instead, she's pimping out her body and her soul on behalf of an unhealthy weight loss product. Kim and sister Khloe are shilling non-stop for QuickTrim, a cleansing system that no certified doctor would ever recommend for a patient.

Earlier today, Kim posted a message on her Twitter account that didn't even bother to hide the fact that she's nothing but a paid saleswoman for this dangerous product. She wrote:

“Quick Trim DOES A BODY GOOD! Quick Trim baby! Go get it!”

Seriously, folks, DO NOT go get this product. It's not safe and Kardashian is simply being paid for her endorsement, which includes the following Tweeted pics:

Nice Body

Kim Kardashian will do anything for money. Including Ray J.


at least she is making money hater. if your body looke like that you would sell it too.jelious people make us all look bad .Go for it girl you r beutiful.


Why would anyone fall for these weight loss gimmicks, anyway? Everyone is looking for a quick fix solution. Want to know the real way to lose weight and look fit? GET OFF YOUR FAT, LAZY ASS AND GET TO THE GYM! And people wonder why America is filled with so many obese people. And, you really think that Kim K is trying this Quick Trim? PLEASE, don't be fools. She has the top personal trainers to prepare all her meals for her and help her exercise. Plus, let's not forget money for all the plastic surgery she could dream of. C'mon, are you people really that naive?!


Cos they never are, they always have some really awful side effects. In the first picture she looks really manly!


Why is this product not safe? I was considering trying it!


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