Khloe Kardashian Wedding Pictures: Famous Guests Arrive

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According to Kim Kardashian it was "a night to remember." One of the best of her life, in fact, based on the reality star's Twitter account.

We're sure the entire Kardashian clan feels the same way. After all, the wedding between Khloe and Lamar Odom is dominating every celebrity gossip headline today. Everything is going just as planned!

When the couple gets divorced in six months and magazines once again cover the development in depth, it will another reason to celebrate.

For now, we'll go along with the ruse and pretend as though the wedding was a beautiful, love-filled affair. It was certainly a hit among famous guests, such as serial cheater Kobe Bryant and his scorned wife, Vanessa:

Famous Guests

We'd love to show you photos from the actual ceremony, but Khloe and Lamar have already sold them to the highest bidder. Our offer of $10 and a bag of peanut M&Ms was turned down.

Still, you can click on the pics below for shots of more guests at the event, such as Ryan Seacrest and Adrienne Bailon...

Wedding Guest
Brittny Photo
Seacrest... In Attendance!
Francis, Joe
At the Wedding



ur the best khole my favorite one of all best of luck in ur marriage


the kardahian hookers are all the same


god bless your marriage khloe, you out there opposed you bitter in life, need help


cant u guys be happy that khloe found love at last? all u gotta do is wish them the best in their marriage nd stop hatin.


I could care less if the wedding was real or not. Let the rich spend their money the way they want to. I think if someone wants to blow hundreds, thousands or even millions of dollars on something they think may be fun then who gives a shit. Well done. I hope it was all worth it, real or not.


Yes the girls are a little out of hand but they keep me entertained. I met my hubby in may and married him in october. it has been the most amazing 3 yrs so far of my life and would never have had it anyother way. When its right..Its right! Who knows...maybe they will be together forever. It doesnt always have to be a bad thing.


so many famous friends


check out kobe


No one month isnt long enought to really get to know some one. That marriage will not last


one month is not long enough to get to know someone. she didn't even have a chance to bond with his kids. Take a page from Kobe Bryant's book and know that these basketball players are always boning any groupie that catches their eye. At least Khloe has her own money and can leave him when he cheats. That dumb, gold digging tramp that Kobe married barely finished high school and had no choice by to stay cause she wanted that money!

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