Jessica Alba Hair Color: Which is Your Favorite?

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Jessica Alba must get really bored.

We guess that happens when you're just a mediocre actress, but one would think daughter Honor Marie would keep Alba busy enough to not change her hair color every five minutes.

Instead, the beautiful celebrity is constantly messing with her look. The reasons why are unknown.

Perhaps if Alba is made aware of which color is best on her, she'll stop going to the stylist so often and go back to posing nude a lot. Help her out below...

Jessica Alba at the Golden Globes

Which hair color looks best on Jessica Alba?


Brown hair looks best on her


i don't like her anyways but brunette is best on her


she looks best as a brunette


Love the brown... That is the color that becomes her.


She's stunning!


hey people that make gossip your makein me very pised off with this stuff y cant you just andmrnt your jeules an every thing will be ok and every ody will be happy cause me and my friends are very pised off so just say im jeulrs stop makein up stuff


Medicore? You've got to be kidding me. You support Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner and Kristen Stewart but when a TALENTED actress comes along she's MEDICORE? That's truly fucked up ...


She's never posed nude. She actually sued Playboy for having her picture on the cover of their magazine. She dyed her hair blonde for a part in Valentine's Day, it had nothing to do with boredom. I know research is hard - those two minutes on Google can be so demanding - but this story is totally made up. Is it really so hard to actually read once in a while?

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Jessica Alba is not a great actress. No, not even close. She may not even be moderately good. But have you seen those legs? Hot damn. She... More »
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Jessica Alba

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I’m waiting. We’re not sure what the name is going to be. My name was Faradon Luisa for three days. I don’t want to make that mistake with my kid.

Jessica Alba [on naming her unborn child]

[Pregnancy is] the most beautiful thing that can happen to you.

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