Friends: Jessica Simpson is Sad, Needy, Clingy

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After her beloved dog Daisy became a coyote's dinner last week, Jessica Simpson may have hit the lowest point of her life, her friends fear.

"Daisy was her baby," one of them said. "It's going to put her into an absolute tailspin. It will put her into the worst place ever."

Worst. Place. Ever. Not that we're being overdramatic at all.

But another source close to the alleged singer and actress says she's having a hard time but is coping better than her friends may realize.

"She's really upset, but not spiraling out of control by any means," a source says. "She'll get through it but it's like losing a family member."

Daisy was snatched by a coyote before Simpson's very eyes in L.A. last week, and despite her efforts, no sign has been seen of the maltipoo.

"She won't leave her parents' house," a source says. "Whenever things went wrong, she reached for Daisy. Daisy was her security blanket."

On September 19, stylist pal Ken Paves convinced Simpson to finally leave her house. They went to Vino in Encino, Calif., to perk her up.


Jessica Simpson needs a reality check. And a new hairstyle.

"Jessica seemed okay, but wasn't smiling," an onlooker says. "Wine made her relax a bit, but it was obvious she was having an awful week."

"Jessica has a very small inner circle," the friend said. "But she always had Daisy. Daisy gave her the unconditional love she needed."

Unlike some of the men in her life, "Daisy never betrayed her. Daisy was always there for her. This is serious. Jessica’s heart is broken."

Whenever she was out at night, Jessica Simpson called home and had "someone put Daisy on the phone so she could say goodnight."

"Daisy ran the house," the friend said. "If Daisy didn’t like you, you were gone."

When Jessica Simpson was having relationship problems, the friend said "she would cry herself to sleep at night, using Daisy as a pillow."

We're not sure if this is all sweet or lonely and pathetic.

Either way, Daisy filled a void because "Jessica is very needy. She is very clingy. She is so sweet, but sometimes she's hard to be around."

"It's not always easy. She hates to be alone. That's what happened with Tony. Jessica smothers people. She doesn't really have hobbies."

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Aw, poor Jess life must be so hard. Who cares honestly sad, clingy and needy are just pathetic qualities. Grow up already


Okay so maybe she get annoying. Who really cares? And why does it need to be public knowledge? I can't imagine(not that anyone would care)having my quirks, thoughts, actions, etc. layed out and discussed to no end all the time. I guess I am in a foul mood today, LOL, but why is it that we as the public, need to know every teeny tiny thing about everly single celebrity? I am sure there are a lot of things that I do, my sister does, the guy next door, etc. that would bother people. Just leave the poor girl alone already, losing a close pet is hard, I feel for her but why others have to give a play by play of how she's coping is beyond me.


Maybe the poor dog begged the coyote to eat it because it was tired of being smothered by a needy clingy failure who can't tell the difference between a human, a dog, and a security blanket.