Chris Brown to Tila Tequila: Quit Talkin' About Me!

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Desperate to milk attention after the San Diego County D.A. decided not to press charges against Shawne Merriman, Tila Tequila zeroed in on a new target:

Chris Brown.

The back story, if you're unaware: Tila alleges that Merriman, who plays for the San Diego Chargers of the NFL, assaulted her at his house a week ago.

He said he was only trying to keep her from leaving his house and driving home drunk. She may have been jealous about a foursome he wanted to have.

Merriman was arrested, but D.A. said yesterday he would not be charged.

Angry that she can't milk this for more attention justice will not be served, Tila egged on admitted woman-beater Chris Brown over and over on Twitter.

Whether she's posing for risque pics, pretending to be bisexual or calling out celebs who have nothing to do with her, Tila Tequila will do anything for publicity.

Note that Chris, who recently pleaded guilty to assaulting Rihanna, is not involved in this whatsoever, Tequila just started a Twitter feud for no reason.

But it got so bad that Brown felt the need to respond:

"NOT TRYNA BE RUDE but i keep hearing tila bringing my name up. ur 15 seconds of fame has ended. dont try to gain fans by dissing me. godbless."

At least he took the high road, mostly, though he did get in a small dig.

Not that we blame Chris for firing that one back, since he's already been punished by the court and public... and has nothing to do with Tila Tequila.


I swear if i see tila i wil Fucking kill her, she is messing with wrong girl


umm ppl ppl ppl tila tiquila needa sit her ugly butt down somwere and go put somthin else fake on her body she is jus tryin to get on tv and she pick the most popular ppl at the time to argue wit u dumb broad and as far as chris brown mekhla loves him and always will baby call me


lol, what's Chris gonna do? Beat up another girl? I could never side with a coward girl beater no matter what. I'm a guy and I know girls can annoy, but you gotta be a real Pu$$y to hit on a chick...


I think Tila needa stop trynaq get attention all the damn time! And i also dont think its right whatq the H3// Chris did to YOU know who! It dont matter what a woman does they never diserve to get abused by a bitch ass man!


Tila needs a fuckin life n stop tryna fuck wit everybody elses..wit her ugly ass...she has more important shit to b worried about like why her head is too big for her mini ass body..dat bitch look like a bratz doll..




LOL you go chris! Got damn! Tila get a life you stupid oldbag!!
Attention Seeker.


Tila your fifthteen minutes are up. Step away, no really step away before someone drops a house on you.


i love chris brown & no she didn't just go there!!!


Seems like she tries to show up where she can be seen. I use to think she was ok now I think she is trailer trashy.

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