Celebrity Fashion Watch: Suri Cruise in High Heels!

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Yes, that's the story going around, that Suri Cruise wears heels.

That's even better than the rumor about the three-year-old only eating with chopsticks - and it's actually true! There are pictures of the little tyke's shoes!

The reason? She takes after her mom, a real robot girly-girl.

"Suri's very much like her mother," her dad, Tom Cruise, told Hello! "She will not wear trousers, only dresses. I put a pair of trousers on her and turn and leave the room and straight away the trousers are off and a dress is on instead!

"The other day, Kate showed her some gold-colored sneakers, and she looked at them and said, 'Oh mommy, these are lovely, but they're boy shoes,'" he added. "She's sweet, but she's very strong-willed - just like her mother."

High Heeled
Suri in High Heels

In any case, Suri Cruise retained her chic child status Monday, sporting a pair of high heels while shopping with mom Katie Holmes in Boston, Mass.

Tom Cruise is in that fine city shooting his new action comedy, Wichita. Here's Suri Cruise in Beantown rocking her heels ... what do you think?


I'm not even a mother yet and I find NOTHING wrong with it. Why? Because I remember what it was like when I was a child. You people are so narrow minded. Suri is NOT growing up too fast. She is just being a girl who like pretty things. If I had to come up with a list of people she is trying to dress like, I'd probably put her mom in the middle. Hello? What about disney princesses? I remember how my cousin and I would used to marvel at those pink plastic glittery little heels that made us feel like princesses. I find it funny how most people are okay with those toy heels and find a problem with these heels.


I can't believe all the mean things people are saying for god sake she is just a toddler that wants to be like mommy goodnes bet u guys (all the crappy comment people) are not perfect parents ........


My little girl is 4 and likes to wear dresses and heels all the time. I don't really see a problem with it, my daughter gets a lot of attention by being dressed up all the time.


Suri is positively ugly and they dress her horribly. She looks like an old grandma from another country. I surely don't know why Katie dresses her like this! Her clothes have been the WORST POSSIBLE for a young child.


Suri has a fashionable mother, why does she can not be fashionable? That's natural.She looks so lovely and cute,don't just focus on the bad dimension.


She is absolutely adorable but heels at her young age is a little much


She is such a sweet little gir you can just tell by he eyes and look who is raising her. Her mom is a sweet person , can't say the same for her jacka-- daddy. He is a good actor and I love all of his movies but as for his demeaner he isn't a good person.


she looks sooo cute!!! theres nothing wrong in wearing high heels!!!!!!when i was younger i would try to take my moms lipstick and use it when i go out!!!


so cute....girl power at its best.....fuck all these tight assed people who have to have a comment on everything....besides its not like they (the parents) actually have time to give tow shits about what these comments say....


aww thast adorable. i dont see anything wrong with it. this is obviously an extremely intelligent 3 year old, who wants to look like a lady. we all no how stubborn kids can be!! I ahvea 3 year old cousin who would not take off her ballerina tutu and slippers for 1 week straight, and would not leave the house in anything but. totally normal and totally cute. and for the record, i do not belive that katie is at all like a robot, I only believe that she is a mother who is raising a very strongwilled 3 year old. raising children can be exhausting, and it can jsut about kill you. I would know. My aunt is a completely different person now that she is raising a difficult 3 year old daughter, so i wish you would stop criticizng this family. they are just living their life. cheers

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