Baby Dances to Beyonce

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If you thought the clip from Glee featuring the awesome new Fox series' football players dancing to "Single Ladies" was the funniest video featuring that Beyonce single you'd watch on YouTube or TV this week ... you'd probably be right.

But it's got some cute competition!

It's a slow news day. Which is why you should take the time to really enjoy this video of a small baby dancing to "Single Ladies." It speaks for itself.

Kanye West apparently thinks - and interrupts Taylor Swift to point out - this is one of the greatest videos of all time. OF ALL TIME. Maybe he's got a point. You don't see a baby dancing to Taylor's hit "You Belong With Me" do you?


This was absolutely adorable, cutie pie.


That was too cute. Would love to see more of that.


my baby boy does that!! his favourite is micheal jacksons smooth criminal!! :)


this video is 100x better than taylor swift, you belong with me


White men CAN dance!


oh my gosh that's freaking adorable.


Baby's cute, but the video's a big yawn. Kanye's interests are pretty limited.