Allison Bridges: Knocked Up By Chris Robinson!

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Mangy Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson used to be married to gorgeous actress Kate Hudson. They have a five-year-old son named Ryder.

Now the 42-year-old rocker is expecting his second baby with some woman named Allison Bridges. Way to pass the DNA on a second time, Chris!

Nadya Suleman and Children

The singer and his girlfriend of nearly two years "will welcome their first child in early 2010," his rep confirms this afternoon. Congratulations!

Chris Robinson has knocked up Allison Bridges. If you have a picture of her, by all means send one in. For now, you're stuck with Kate Hudson. She's pretty at least.

The rocker's 12th album, Before the Frost... Until the Freeze, hit stores last week. Ryder has yet to issue a press release regarding his future half-sibling.

Kate Hudson, meanwhile, is spending her time at Yankees games cheering on new beau Alex Rodriguez. She supposedly wants to have A-Rod's baby too.

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Chris please put up a picture of your wife so they will stop thinking Kate is all that!!!!!!! You know everyone in show biz wears make-up! I have seen her without and you would not believe the difference guys and gals.


Chris do not listen to the negitivity, good for you! I am a private nanny and if you and your wife need me I will be there for ya. You are being knocked around but, you fall in love with who you fall in love with, that's all it is.I love your music and how u try and keep your bussiness to yourself. I came to every Raleigh NC concert(your last one was cut short cause my blood glucose dropped really bad and I ended up in the ambulance) and have had three backstage passes but yet never met you! My loss as well as yours. LOL! You do not find love in beauty it's what's inside! Never forget that I hope you can make this all up to me. I am mother, as well and nana. I am your age but you are a little older then I. Love to you and all!!


It won't be long.


There was no mention of Kate in the previous posts, Kate maybe neurotic, only her Psych. Doctor knows for sure. And exactly on that "anyone," we can all see that. Alcoholics have an extremely hard time quitting and only happy as long as they have that one drink a day (minimum) they can also hide the fact of drinking to a lot of people, even those close to them. If he doesn't like the media attention, he shouldn't be in show/music business, duh! Sounds like this pregnancy was a desparate attempt to keep Chris.


Is it Chris' baby? From what I understand, he's had some women with undesireable reputations...It wouldn't surprise me if it's not.


Take it from someone who knows...Kate is neurotic so anyone would be an improvement.She did cheat on Chris and loved her so much.He is not an alcoholic and is probably the most intelligent and engaging man that Kate will ever have in her life.He does not date for social status nor does he appreciate media attention regarding his personal life.He's a great dad with a normal life.It's nice to know that he's happy and not being dragged down a red carpet.


Exactly! Some woman...who is she? Your taste in women has gone waaaaaaaaaaayy down. Alcohol is really getting to you,Chris.


Oh for god's sake Chris...tie it in a knot already!

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