Twitter Feud of the Day: Adrianne Curry vs. Megan Hauserman

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Perhaps Nick Cannon can Tweet the high road in his feud with Eminem.

But, based on their recent Twitter exchanges, it looks like neither Adrianne Curry nor Megan Hauserman is capable of the same restraint.

Yesterday, Curry - an ugly, washed up model, who has starred on VH1 reality shows The Surreal Life and My Fair Brady - questioned why the network would give Hauserman her own series. She Tweeted:

Curry Twitter

Megan Wants a Millionaire is a dating series based around Hauserman's quest to find a rich soulmate.

For the most part, it's clearly a satire of shows such as The Bachelor. It's not meant to be taken seriously... as opposed to Curry's ridiculous attempt to remain in the spotlight by actually thinking anyone on the planet cared about her life with the guy that played Peter Brady.

In response, Hauserman Tweeted:

Megan Twitter

This is one of the most classic, ridiculous, pointless feud of our time. Choose a side in it!

Pic of Adrianne Curry
Hauserman, Megan

uhm isnt adrianna curry a MAN?? so megan is deff prettier and has more celebrity status then the ugly anarexic crack addicted super oh wait washed up model from antm. get a life adrianna..MEgan


No really, who is Megan Hauserman? I only know who who Adrianne Curry is because of the whole Peter Brady thing. Feuding on Twitter people? It's never too late to grow up!


i'm with megan she is the greatest
girl on vh1 and besides
no one remember adrianne! (i didn't know what was her name)
till now, hahahahhaha
totally withh megan (L)


uhm first opinion on the whole situation...who the fuckk is adrianne?...ive never even heard of her...shows how much of a "celebrity" she is...she has no fame...she hasnt made a "name" for herself...nothing...shes a nobody...megan...the only reason anyone really knew who she was is because of some stupid reality show which makes her out to be the gold digger whore she really actually neither of them have any room to diss either one of them...get a real job...doing something other than trying to mooch off men...stop being stupid...both of you...grow both suck...end.of.story...


Oh come on. Lets face it anyone posting about this is also a viewer of these shows (including myself) and we all watch it for the same reason - it's like watching a train wreck! But if they cast a bunch of virginal sweet good girls (or boys) no one would watch. Don't we love to hate these people? Can you really pick a side? For me it's a toss up.


im team Megan on this one. Adrianne should just keep her mouth shut because she is on the same level as Megan.... not any higher or more "celebrity"


Oh and others like are a complete waste. Get a real job, and a real life, instead of riding the coat tails of others. You suck and are a complete embarrasment to your poor mom and dad. I can not believe anyone would even watch this show in the first place.


Okay sure VH1 gave Megan her own show only because Sharon Osborne kicked her scrawny little ass on the Charm School reunion show. I think VH1 was either afraid she would sue for millions or they just felt sorry for the little skank, because she has run her course on their channel and this is her last resort.


These no talent, washed up wanna be trophy wives are depreciating assets. Every year, they get older. Every year, the men they want to date get richer. Who loses in this situation? America's youth as they aspire to be the people they see on TV. Why can't VH1 do a show where they find these people, alter them to prevent breeding and exile them to an island comprised of wasted human lives. Now THAT'S a show I'd watch. Call it "Too Stupid To Breed"


Who is bashing reality shows? The girl who owes her fifteen minutes of fame to them... oh the irony. But she is actually right (even though her past pretty much invalidates her point), and she is way hotter than most celebs nowadays, so I have to take her side on this one.

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