Nick Cannon Tweets the High Road in Eminem Feud

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In what is probably a good move for him, but a bad one for celebrity gossip sites who love a good feud, Nick Cannon took to (what else) his Twitter page to address the ongoing battle between his wife Mariah Carey and rapper Eminem.

Cannon Twittered various philosophical, Biblical quotes about rising above anger and not giving in to revenge: "Never take your own revenge, but rather give place unto the wrath," read one of his messages on the social networking site.

He also included a direct Bible quote, "'I will bless those that bless you, and whoever curses you I will curse.' Genesis 12:3" and insightful thoughts like:

"Those who feed into negativity must examine there [sic] purpose on this earth."

Eminem vs. Mr. and Mrs. Nick Cannon: A feud that shall not end.

The Tweets are a reaction to Eminem's latest track, "The Warning," in which the rapper goes after the Cannons directly, and swears he had a previous relationship with the singer, with the nude Mariah Carey pictures to prove it even.

Eminem initially ripped Carey in the song "Bagpipes from Baghdad." Carey got revenge by portraying a stalker in her video "Obsessed" that looked remarkably like Eminem, though Carey and her husband have denied any parody.

Whose side are you on?


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All I gotta say is don't hate on eminem....he's original...mariah is the one who got nick cannon caught up in the eminem said if mariah thought he was so ugly y the hell she fuck wit him for so long!...idk I think mariah brought that shit on her self! I'm TEAM EMINEM!!!!


This is all Mariah Carey's fault. She should of just been real with dating Eminem. I mean, their is nothing wrong with him. I believe Eminem when he said he dated Mariah for 6 months. He wouldn't lie about that.


Nick's probably not used to dealing with the B.S. that can come with being married to someone on the fame status of Mariah....give him a break he's probably never dealt with anything like this before, as far as Eminem and Mariah do you think any of us will ever know the truth? Obviously we can't, but what he said about her was downright violating and wrong, and Nick's right, you can't worry because what goes around comes around.


wowow lame ass ppl even if i like mariah carey if you fucked around with eminem than just be a woman and admit it


Why AM I so obessed with her?


Like Ice Cube puts it: "If you's a scared motherfucker, go to church!"


Eminem needs to grow the fuck up and back up off people and let them live their lives! That or go back to rehab..fuckin pill poppin,crack head lookin like punk ass bitch!!!


Good job Nick! If you scared, go to CHURCH!!! HAHAHA... pussy bitch!!!