Teen Choice Awards Fashion Face-Off: Ed Westwick vs. Chace Crawford

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Two Gossip Girl hunks, one fashion face-off. Choose your side!

We've already pitted their wonderful co-star Leighton Meester and Emma Roberts in a fashion battle of their own. But who will prevail when two Gossip Girl cast members square off against one another? There can be no telling.

As you can see, Ed Westwick does not conform to convention. Chuck Bass may dress to the nines 24/7/365, but not the brooding British actor to plays him.

Chace Crawford, meanwhile, looks slightly more pulled together. Slightly. We admit we're a little disappointed at the complete and utter lack of man-bangs.

Whose style do you like more? Vote in the survey below ...

E-Dubs Pic
A Chace Pic

Who looked hotter?


agh! i cant stand this!! i love them both but i think it is eds face that pulls it off for me :)


Oh God Ed, get over yourself. Just because you wear a James Dean shirt and say you own one of Brando does NOT mean that you somehow channel their palpable talents or effortless cool. Stop trying so hard.


Ed Westwick is sooooo hot... He is da best... Sexwick rulezzz...


i love chace more, but i think ed looks better :D


wow Ed Westwick looks like a douchebag.

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