Stephanie Santoro Rumored to be Latest Notch on Jon Gosselin's Bedpost

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A couple weeks ago, Jon Gosselin said he was single, "per se."

Translation: dude will totally ransack anything with breasts!

The father of eight's latest conquest may be his most impressive / galling / hilarious: reports have linked him with Stephanie Santoro, a cocktail waitress, aspiring model and, oh, his children's babysitter!

According to Radar Online, Santoro has told friends that Gosselin hired her to take care of his kids. But Jon and Stephanie spent Saturday night together at Legends, an establishment in Reading, Pennsylvania where Santoro occasionally works.

The pair left together around 3 a.m., a witness told Radar, only to end up back at the family residence, where Santoro spent the night in Jon’s apartment over the garage.

Seriously - there are photos!

Walk of Shame

Is the coast clear? Can we pretend that no paparazzi are around to capture our respective walks of shame?

Santoro is 23 years old. She has brown hair, brown eyes and writes on her biography that she'll pose nude.

Follow this article's jump to view shots from her modeling portfolio.

Stephanie Santoro Image

Tomorrow night, Kate Major will sit down and dish the dirt on her time spent with Jon. Will she be peeved that he's already moved on? Will you watch the interview?

Will this dating carousel ever end?

So many questions. So many random women for Jon Gosselin to sleep with.


Stephanie is totally yummy!!!! Jon is a lucky bastard


Jon is a typical prick! Like most men once they establish a family and a couple of kids, life hits them hard. Reality hits them and they realize that there's a long road ahead. Kate obviously grew up while jon "I think should go back to middle school". Kate is doing her job and then some. I would like to see a most men doing what a woman does on a daily basis....everyday..a woman has to maintain her sanity and maybe get a pedicure once in a while. For a man>>>all they think of is there pecker....if they really have one! or know how to use it!!!


WOW. This chick is busted for sure. She thinks she is all that and lord knows she aint. She has no self respect CLEARLY. And sold her soul to Radar for a ton of cash. What a douchebag she is. I hate this freakin broad.


Knowing Stphanie from school, this was just a money making sceme for her. Not that I like Jon, but she set him up!!!!


OK Jon. I used to LOVE him on the show... and while I thought Kate was a bit bitchy to him and others at times and a little uptight with neatness----HOW can you not be and have 8 kids!!! I really felt like Jon treated her (behind closed doors) like garbage! She did everything and he just sat there and looked clueless!!!


He is UNATTRACTIVE and GROSS! I don't get the appeal, money is not enough, he just looks weird.


This girl is looking for attention and she is getting it. She obviously has no respect for herself or anyone else. If you going to be a trashy bitch at least keep it to your self so the kids don't have to hear about it at school.


Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Kate has become a lot less controlling and uptight? Good for her. Life has to be better without that creep in the house. I have a great idea. TLC should drop Jon completely. That poor man "lost his twenties" so now he is more interested in being free than being a dad. I say let him go far far far away.


I just want all of you to know that little Miss Santoro is not all that she cracks herself up to be. All that was stated above about the cell phone kiosk with her boss, the daycare job, etc. are true. Not to mention, I happen to know one of her ex-boyfriends and she pulled a lot of crap with him. After he broke up with her she pulled the whole "I'm pregnant" deal with him for 2 months. Ridiculous. She even went to his house multiple times AFTER he broke up with her and would just sit there until he came home. Finally he took her to the hospital for a blood test and, of course after she took 4 blood tests, it came up that she wasn't pregnant. Once Thanksgiving and Christmas came, SHE called his mom to ask if SHE could spend Thanksgiving and Christmas with his family months after they broke up. I certainly hope she's grown up from all of that, but by the looks of things, she didn't. Jon, get out before it's too late!! She'll pull the same crap with you if you're not careful.


Go Jon. Bag 'em ho's.

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