Stefania Fernandez Wins Miss Universe 2009!

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The lovely Miss Venezuela, Stefania Fernandez, was crowned Miss Universe 2009 last night. The 18-year-old (!) is a worthy title-holder, to say the least.

She defeated finalists from Puerto Rico, Kosovo, Australia and the Dominican Republic. When she heard that Miss Dominican Republic, Ada Aimee De la Cruz, was named first Runner-Up, that meant Stefania Fernandez became the new Miss Universe.

Leila Lopes, Miss Universe 2011

Stefania is the second consecutive Miss Venezuela to win Miss Universe, and shared a hug with her predecessor, Dayana Mendoza, on stage after she won.

Receiving the tiara from Dayana, Stefania accidentally dropped the thing on stage. But with true grace and dignity, they rebounded as if nothing happened.

Stefania Fernandez beams upon being crowned Miss Universe 2009.

The second runner-up was Miss Kosovo Gona Dragusha, while Miss Australia Rachael Finch was third runner-up. Miss China Wang Jingyao was Miss Photogenic, while Miss Thailand Chutima Durongdej was named Miss Congeniality.

The top 15 finalists appeared in bathing suits before the final 10 were chosen for the evening gown segment. Pageant co-owner Donald Trump told reporters:

"I think this is the most beautiful group of women I've ever seen."

The televised event includes musical performances by Flo Rida, David Guetta, Kelly Rowland and Heidi Montag. We'll have a video of that disaster up later.

Stefania Fernandez was also named "Miss Elegance" "Best Body" and "Best Face." We're just hoping she doesn't add "Miss Nude Photo Scandal" shortly.

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" Congratulation miss 2009" In my opinions miss universe 2009 is very she get the crown.But miss Australia and miss Dominican also beautiful. I hope ,In Venezuela other beautiful girls to growth.


I'd say guatemala was even more beautiful than stefania,Guatemala should have had been in the top 15.NOT STEFANIA.but good luck to her


i love dayana from last years's miss universe her cat walk is superb no matter on swimsuit or evening gown competition..but i' quite doubt about this years's result, i tink other countries have a high average scores combined to stefania's..and her cat walk also is not really good enuff compared to dayana or other contestant...i really tot dat australia or dominican republic should've won..their answers really answered the judge's question...but...her answer..and plus is she dont noe a word in english..not being sarcastic or anything but dats wat i've seen..


Happy Easter Stefania. Same to your fans. God bless.


Congratulation to the new Miss universe 2009. I do understand that to select one out of over 80 contestant is a difficult task, however beauty is not only about nice figure,face,way of walking, nice speech ect,ect I personally think that the most important values in a beautiful woman is how sensitive she can be( honest,simpathetic,caring,loving,considerate,kind, ect,ect) if all of these qualities are missing then She would not be a good embassador of her title, so therfore any woman with all these qualities would make a good Miss Universe and it wouldn't matter which Country, color ,religion, or ethnic group belongs to. that would be the one. Emerson aguayo


Come on guys. Don't think about nationalities. Venezuela's beautiful is unique in the world. That's the reason they always get the crowns. People in Venezuela are blended with native americans, europeans and africans. It's a really exotic beauty there. Stop complaining and go to Venezuela to prove it by yourselves


dont understand people that say her answer made no sense, they ask her what are the diference between men and women in the business world, and she said that we must understand, that there are no difference between men and women in the corporate ladder cause women have shown to be as capable, also she didnt had plastic surgery and also dont the guy that says she cant walk, oviously he doesnt know pretty much about peageant


Obsiously Stefania bought the crown and that would explain her little efforts throughout the competition. miss dominican republic and miss australia had the highest scores and were way more beautiful and elegant. that ugly stefania fernandez looks like a giraffe, her dress was horrible, she did not respond correctly and her walk was not even elegant. while i was watching the pageant i thought she was not even going to make it to top ten. let me make this clear, I DON'T HAVE ANYTHING AGAINST VENEZUELAN. Dayana Mendoza from last year deserved the crown, but this year was a complete joke.


most of the girls in that top 15 were already signed up with trump models so all you saw at that show was trump flaunting his new girls. stefania looked like a giraffe and very fake, red dress and red lipstick doesnt rock at all. i hope you all enjoy the next trumps miss universe. peace



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