Report: Kristen Stewart to Purchase "Love Nest" for Herself and Robert Pattinson

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While the housing market inches toward recovery, Kristen Stewart is reportedly doing the best she can to jumpstart new home sales.

A source told The National Enquirer that Stewart is searching for a new residence. But not just any new residence!

"Kristen wants a super-romantic place to share with Rob in Los Angeles," said the insider.

And why shouldn't she? The latest round of reports regarding these co-stars pretty much confirm that they are dating happily.

Friendly Co-Workers

The West Hollywood pad Kristen allegedly has her eye on is a three-bedroom estate, replete with a pool, hot tub (ooohhh yeah!) and several fireplaces.

"She’s been calling it their ‘future love nest,'" the source added.

"Kristen showed Rob the photos and he thought it was perfect. Even though Kristen is buying it, she wants Rob to be happy with it, too."

Awww, that's sweet. Let's just hope rumors of Taylor Lautner coming between this couple are false - and that Stewart avoids risky adjustable-rate mortgages!

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well, i think Kristin is a type of person who will dump a guy when she gets what she wants. she is nothing but a gold digger, and Robert has all that publisity and is definitly very well off for his age. so of course she going to strike at that delicisous piece of meet. wtf, guys should be able to tell what type of person they are especially when that skank is looking at a freakin 3 bedroom apartment. !!! okayy?




First off, Kristen is such a sloppy Tomboy" She would probably do the purchasing of the house for her other future flings and atleast Rob wouldn't owe her anything if she dumps him, she is fussy,bossey,controlling and has Tamtrums, Rob needs a woman not an easy fling like kristen.


What a load of bull****!! LIES LIES and more lies can't people just leave the cast alone?? WHy do they always have to spread so many rumors!! Formoney? How stupid!! GET OFF THEIR BACKS!!


WOOW! This site is TOTALLY just CREATING BULL SHiiit to Live up to the hype and frenzy around these poor actors. Jesus! Leave them alone!! ANd wow your "Sources tell us" Lines are so Cheesy! Yea, I'm suuuure Kristen Stewart would say something like, "Its our future love nest", and to just any random "ne body" who is your "source". She wouldnt even say something that cheezy and just... STUPID, and IF she did, it would only be to a really close person, and I doubt any of her really close friends are out there giving information like that or in general to Gossip Mags and sites, or in general! Get better writers! And everyone needs to get a damn life of there own and lay off these poor kids! 4 Real!


why three rooms.... BOOOM


This story is bull****. Just another headline to sell tabloids.


could anyone ever see kristen saying the words "love nest"


This story might be a publicity stunt. The movie studio machines crank out the gossip to drum up interest in the actors/characters being featured in the next film. It's not necessary for these stunts for the Twilight series, as the movie was so popular.....


She is weird!!!