Miley Cyrus to The Hollywood Gossip: THANK U!

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It looks like Miley Cyrus is an avid reader of The Hollywood Gossip.

Considering her rauncy performance at the Teen Choice Awards, during which she dressed like a prostitute and danced on a stripper pole, we said it was appropriate that Miley later presented an award to Britney Spears.

After all, the two share similar traits: each pretends to be an innocent youth, yet it's nothing but a marketing ploy to lure in young fans and then hit them inappropriate photos, dances and songs. Cyrus and Spears are anything but role models.

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Is Miley Cyrus the next Britney Spears? If so, should she really be excited about that?

Last night, meanwhile, Miley took to her Twitter account and wrote: For all the people calling me the "next Britney" THANK U. I couldn't ask for a better compliment.

You're welcome, we guess, Miles. But... really?!?

You couldn't ask for a better compliment than being compared to someone with no singing ability; two failed marriages; a smoking habit; a stay in a hospital's psychiatric wing; and a clear aversion to wearing underwear?

Aside from the fact that Britney has a few number-one singles, what, exactly, do you take as a positive out of this comparison?

Since you apparently read our site, please write in and let us know. We're excited to hear from you!

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Miley rocks. Stop making fun of her


I lovee Britney Spears ... She had been my fave singer for years, and now Miley is my 2nd fave! But Miley's turning into a little diva at the moment! But she's right ... It's a great compliment o be called the "next Britney" but Britney's better I have to say.


she just it trying to say, that yeah brit has made some mistakes ( personally Im not a big fan of britneys recent songs, even though I wasnt even born for some of her old hits) the old ones are best.. But shes meaning because Britney has been able to keep it going, and can still sing, and is an insane preformer ( once again I personally dont like brits preformances, but shes talented at dancing and choreography and what not)
Miley is meaning that Britney is one of those people that will be remembered, and it would be amazing to be remembered like that.. but in Mileys case she'd be remembered as a good girl


cmon stop talkinq shit of miley she has a lot of many n she isnt a striper or prostitute.please stop criticising miley cuz she has more money than u people
sarita,god bless


miley urrrrrr horney u slut
satrt a strip club with all ur money lol


People are such dopes that girl honestly cant do ANYTHING without ppl criticising it get a fuckin life all these ppl that write this bullshit is dirty minded freaks if Yous all stop ur shite then u wudnt be puttin ideas into ppls heads "oh now tht i think bout it tht dus look like pole dancing" sad bastards leave the girl alone shes amazing let her live her life jesus


Britney is amazing, Miley is too, and I hate that people like you who wrote this artical give in to all of the bad press, mind you thats your job isnt it you blood sucker




so what if miley the next britney. britney is great girl. she made mistakes and learn from that, miley made mistakes and learn from that... everybody makes mistakes. Miley and Britney just two ordinary girl who live as popstar in hollywood. they like us, need some rest. at least they can reach their own dreams and that's really cool


I find it really sad that either of these girls gets so much attention from the media. If there are any decent young women of at least average intelligence performing out there, we certainly don't seem to hear about them.