Melissa Rycroft: Jillian Harris is "Happy"

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Despite her fiance's blatant, confirmed alleged cheating, Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski are doing fine and looking forward to moving on with their life together.

That's according to friend Melissa Rycroft, who competed for the love of Jason Mesnick along with Jillian (and eventual winner Molly Malaney) on The Bachelor.

"She is doing really well," Rycroft said at a Kenneth Cole charity event in L.A. "Jillian and Ed are happy, and I know she is excited to become a U.S. citizen."

"She's moving to Chicago [where Ed Swiderski lives] soon."

The buzz surrounding Ed in recent weeks has centered around dalliances with Lindsey Johnson and Bethany Steffen before, during and after The Bachelorette.

Basically, he two-timed both of them before Jillian was in the picture, then continued to text and have sex with at least one of them after he proposed.

There are even reports he left a Chicago bar with another woman last week.

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Melissa Rycroft said she hopes Jillian Harris will marry Ed Swiderski.

"I absolutely do. I know they love each other, and I know they are planning a wedding, and I know she wants to marry him. I hope it works out for them."

"You know, granted it's not my business to comment, but Jillian's real life is fantastic," Melissa Rycroft stressed, diplomatically and perhaps untruthfully.

As for her own wedding to Tye Strickland, M-Ry said, "We had to register online!"

Tye added: "I think it's the coolest concept ever, of course! I have never registered for a wedding before. I can just go online and pick out all the stuff and people are going to buy it for me! We should get married more often!"

Hopefully for Melissa, this engagement actually takes, unlike her previous effort.


The difference is that with Jillian there was no deceit whereas with Ed there was deceit. I doubt that Jillian knew about these two girls while on the show (afterall, she sent Wes home because she believed that he had ONE girlfriend back home and thought that was "rude")- besides, the two girls did not even know of the other. So there is a big difference here! Also, Jillian did not go around sleeping with someone else AFTER the engagement but Ed did. So, in sum: it is a big deal! There was transparency in one case (Jillian's) and not in the other (Ed's). There is no excuse for what this man did. It is sad to see women excusing this type of behavior in men. No matter how you slice it, it was wrong what he did and there is no justification.


Not sure why all the fuss is about Ed dating other women on the show wasn't Jillian dating about 15+ men at the same time before she got engaged? As long as they are NOW exclusively seeing each other that is fine. Why the double standard? BTW, I don't agree with the Bachelorette style of dating but you can't expect him not to see other women when she was all this time too. That's why these shows don't make any sense to me but they sure are addicting.

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