Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush: Totally Back On!

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A week ago, Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush were spotted together in New Orleans, as the NFL star dined with the sex tape star after she attended a charity function on Saturday night.

According to sources, this was a lot more than a one-time meal between former lovers.

Since their rendezvous, insiders have told Perez Hilton that Kim is reorganizing her schedule (of posing in bikinis and standing on red carpets) so she may spend the next three weeks with Bush.

Half of Kush

"Reggie is training, and Kim will stay in the house he asked her to move into before they broke up," said a friend of the couple. "Reggie is doing his best to convince Kim to give him another shot. They spent last weekend together, holed up at his house, only going out publicly to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse on Monday. Kim had a hotel room, but she hardly stayed in it."

We know the real reason for this reconciliation, of course: Reggie wants he and Kim to sit atop our rankings of top celebrity sex tapes. Good luck!


Ok. for one they need to stop bringing all the attention to them. If they dont wont ppl in their business then they should stop talking to the press. Another thing is no one is jealous of her, I mean shes a gorgeous girl no need to hate, but still we get tired of seeing her on the front page everyday about her and reggie. Ppl just need to mind their business and let them be. They human beings just like us only with a tons of money, and thats about it.


First of all people need to stop one on planey earth is near perfect, everyone have sex it so luckily that hers was taped and publicized. people need to get a life and stop judging others, no wonder the world is such caos....who god bless no man curse!!!


I agree with Sara; half of the cramp people report about her is probably untrue. Reggie loves her-- people always hate on the pretty girl with the hot boyfriend. Get a life!


You guys are just jealous of Kim and her stunning exotic looks. She is hardly a ho. Most people her age have sex and hers just happened to be taped and publicized. Stop being haters!


I totally agree with you. she is a hoe, and reggie could do so much better. i HATE her


I'm sick of this hideous tramp! For once enogh of the Kim Kardashain stories! We've had enogh of her, focus on the real talent in hollywood!

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