Jon Gosselin Goes Off on Kate, Police Called

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Police were called to the home of Jon and Kate Gosselin last night after the soon-to-be divorced spouses got into a heated argument, according to new reports.

One source close to the situation described the situation as such: "Kate showed up at the house unexpectedly during Jon's scheduled time to be with the kids."

As the couple's marriage has unraveled, so has the civility between them in recent weeks. It was quite apparent that Jon Gosselin was not happy to see her.

"Kate couldn't get access to the house. She was upset," said the source.

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Tensions between Jon and Kate Gosselin are heating up.

It's not clear who called the police (our money is on Mady and Cara), but witnesses say they heard Jon and Kate arguing audibly. The police arrived but no arrests were made, officials say. Kate Gosselin left and checked into a local hotel.

Perhaps Jon was angered by Kate's media tour this week, during which she's made increasingly scathing remarks about her ex and his post-split lifestyle.

Last night, Kate really gave it to Jon on CNN, primarily for him giving it to new play thing Hailey Glassman - under the same roof as the kids, she alleges!

If so, that's a pretty bold move, Jon. But then again, so is nailing Stephanie Santoro, who's employed as the kids' babysitter when she's not waitressing.

Who sucks more?

Follow the jump for a video of some of Kate's choice lines on CNN ...


Look up the latest news and see who keeps the family in the news MOM or Dad? Police were called to their home after Kate wants inside (of course it is not her week) so the police were called, how else do you keep yourself in the new? When your ratings keeping dropping then go for the free media time. After all she loves/hates the "P" people. Right?


That is a great example to send to your kids, hey daddies still married to mommy and sleeping with some other female when we visit and he has tattos and treats mommy like crap thats how i want my men to treat me and the boys thats how i'm going to treat all my females. Does he relize this isn't ok period, girlfriend thinks his kids are baggage. Cant mention she smokes pot barely old enough to drink, yeah that's a little outragous. I'm going to try and change just so I can feel young again, hey jon ur in ur 30's with 8 kids, I thought you grew up Kate didnt have these kids by herself, step up and try to act the same not some punk whos trying to stay young with his girlfriend.


Why does he need a babysitter if it is his time with the kids? His time with the kids is pretty self explanatory. He wants to party 24/7, he only wants to be with kids when its a photo-op. The man is disgusting. He is an immature, self centered, geek who can't take responsibility for his actions. It is all some one else's fault. He needs to get over himself and get rid of those man boobs, they are gross. I sure hope Kate documents all this for her atty. Family court judges do not like parents who shirk their responsibility.


I could care less if they divorced, Throw her the high hard one ,that will straighten her out


Jon Gosselin is a DOUCHE.
She was upset because Santoro wasn't the National Guard.
Vick is no good! He is an animal torturer! Get him off my team or it won't be my team anymore.
What a mess, I used to love this show when it was all in innocence.
Who cares about these 2 idiots, never heard of them. I could care less if they divorced, Throw her the high hard one ,that will straighten her out.
They really need to end the reality show and move on with their lives. It was pitifull to see Kate checking into a hotel. She should know that she can't be at the house when he has his custody. She needs to find an alternate place to stay. I don't know what they are thinking. It is a ll a big joke now.
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