Even Mady and Cara Gosselin Think Jon is a Loser

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If you thought Kate Gosselin's Today interview was revealing, last night's episode of Jon & Kate Plus 8 taught us even more about the great Jon Gosselin.

The newly-single father of eight, who is establishing himself as the biggest player in the entire Northeast (at least as far as mediocre girlfriends are concerned), denies he's having a midlife crisis. He's just out there trying to live his life, man.

That means wearing hilariously blurred-out Ed Hardy shirts (thanks, TLC) and wearing diamond earrings. He's totally been the same Jon the whole time!

"I've had my ears pierced since I was, I don't know, like 15-years old. I just figured why not, just throw 'em back in. Who cares? It's all a part of me."

You wouldn't know it from the reaction of his twin daughters, Mady and Cara. Their reaction to dad's new look pretty much says it all as far, we'd say ...

Jon nixed his tell-all with E! News last night, but fortunately, he still had a reality show upon which to declare himself an independent, super-cool dude.

"It's just the way I've always been expressing myself," Jon says in his latest confessional, mercifully with the couch all to himself for once. "Things are just coming out a lot more now. This is who I am, and this is who I'm gonna be."

Continuing to defend his new outlook on life, Jon says, "It's not a midlife crisis. Everyone thinks it's a midlife - I'm nowhere near midlife. I'm 32 years old. I have four tattoos. I've always liked motorcycles and cars and fast things."

Wonder if Kate Major falls into the latter category. We'd imagine so, seeing as she quit her job to "travel and live with" a man she dated for like 12 hours.


Guys stop hating, Jon Gosselin is trying hard to not think about the divorce and he is thinking about the kids, He is a great father and when jon and kate were together he was a great husband. He is a person like you and he also has feelings to, so stop hating and be nice i love jon and his kids. do u guys even have hearts???


Kate is the most awesomest person EVER, dont judge, Kate is trying her hardest to take careof 8 kids and she is a single mom, please stop hating i love her i have mever once hated her or her kids, i love her kids


I think Kate was mean and rude to Jon!!! I don't hate Kate and I don't love her either I hate her and love her I just like her but Jon is so SWEET!!!


I'm not American..i've always ignorantly thought this was a norm in American society to have too many partners,cheating on partners/spouse,divorce etc. after what i'd gathered from magazines and media and lives of famous Americans.After meeting several Americans I understood that yes,they do have morals and it's just that some people cheat/lie just like elsewhere.This Jon gosselin case and the verbal backlash this guy's gotten on internet and tv from Americans themselves is very heartening.Morals are not lost in this country.People can differentiate between right and wrong.Great!


manau jonas ir kate gali dar ir susitakyt,wisdelto lb grazi seima buwo


i hate kate because she is mean to jon i think jon need to get the kids stay with


jon is an idiot he stopped the show cause he is stupid!!


All I can say is get it Cara and Mady!!!!!!!!


jon you are soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo mean


i hate jon gosselin!!!


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