Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman: Still Together!

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Kate Major and Stephanie Santoro who? Jon Gosselin and Hailey Glassman want the world to know they are still together and loving life as a couple.

They said this, themselves. It's not just a rumor.

Radar Online caught up with the controversial couple in New York State and as they emerged from a local Starbucks (strong coffee helps mask the smell of bong water), both of them said, on video, that they are still together.

While Jon has been seen with other women, most notably Kate 2.0 (Kate Major) and Stephanie Santoro, a cocktail waitress and his kids' babysitter, it was clear on this afternoon that despite the rumors, he’s all about Hailey Glassman.

Jon Gosselin, Hailey Glassman Picture

Jon with his first and favorite post-marriage play thing.

Asked if they are still together, the hand-holding couple says yes. So what about all those rumors out there, Hailey? “Oy vey,” Glassman said with a smile.

Both emphatically denied a breakup with Hailey Glassman instructing people to not “believe everything you read.” Which, lately, has been quite a lot.

Much of it involving Jon Gosselin giving it to any creature that registers a pulse.

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Hailey Glassman, Jon Gosselin Pic
Jon and Hailey
Jon and Hailey Glassman
Hailey Glassman and Jon Gosselin

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So what I don't understand, theres been three women and Hailey, she has no idea about kids, there not Jon's baggage, there kids, so for her to be bashing there mom on TV I think she is unrespectable. Also if Jon wasn't such a pussy and stood up to Kate with some backbone he would have never had 8 kids with her, because at the end of everyday Kate is the one feeding them, bathing them, doing things with thme, telling them bedtime stories, with them when they have nightmares. While Jons at the club playing on the playground with his doochie young dumb and not a shell with no kids. Wait till your divorce is over. Hey Hailey why dont you go and find another one of daddies clients


shame on you jon,if i was kate,i'd say hell with you and stay in the house and clam it as your and not your kids. i cant believe jon said that its not his house or yours,excuse me! whos staying home while your running around with every other girl,and i use to like you but when kate was working and out of town you went and had your girlfriend and he brother come over to your house,and shes out in the front lawn in a bikini,i would like to know where was your kids???? very dissapointed in you... i hope kate makes you pay child support...


Jon is a real creep, I used to feel sorry for him, but NO more. He makes me sick..........I love those beautiful children! As for Kate........ummmmmmmmmmmm, I started out liking her, then not liking her, now I like her again...........




Wow, hope Kate and the kids gets all the money, and the judge make him pay child support, yes! is time he learns what work is, and the responsability of 8 kids, and if he gets a job, by the end of the day, he is too tired to pick up, young girls!!!it will be an injustices, if the children keep supporting this lazy bum,
Kate is the speaker, wrote the books, while he sits in his fanny, doing absoluty NOTHING, my prayers, and are with Kate and the children, she isn;t losing anything, just a lot of dead weight...


Jon....GROW UP...and accept responsiblity of your actions. Some day your 8 kids will grow up and see their dad cavorting with numerous "bimbo's" and realize their father is a sleeeezeee. Their mother is the only parent capable of raising their children. We are tired of seeing pictures of Jon and saying he's INNOCENT OF THE PRESS FOLLOWING HIM. Well, stop dating bimbos!


Jon's days of people feeling sorry for him are numbered. Everytime he goes out in public and/or opens his mouth he makes himself look worse. His excuse of Stephanie staying over was bout the lamest excuse I have ever heard. He said he "had to leave early for the interview". She came in at three with him, with no change of clothes, and who the heck was in the house with the kids? What a joke he is!


That guy is something else, and Hailey is a dumb young girl who will believe whatever he tells her. I hope Kate's lawyers are keeping a record of his antics. I am sure a family court judge will not be amiused. He should be taken off the show. Kate is truely the better parent. You don't see her in all the tabloids except for being with her kids. She isn't running all over the place with a different man every week. At least she has some class and really does put her kids first unlike chubby boy with the man breasts. EWWWWWWWWW, he is gross.


"You who are with out sin cast the first stone." None of us are perfect. Who says all the "news" is the truth.


first i think that he have to do another live apart for his ex handcuffs she is a pshicotic and now this girl i think that is a good person and is beautiful she has a natural beauty because the other woman OMG
ok bye

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