Choice Hookup: Chace Crawford and Ashley Greene

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Looks like someone scored more than a surfboard last night.

We knew Chace Crawford won (spoiler alert!) Choice TV Actor at the Teen Choice Awards Sunday, but according to reports, his night only got better from there.

Pictures were taken earlier this morning, showing the handsome Gossip Girl star in a full-on make-out session with New Moon star Ashley Greene! OMG, XOXO!

Ashley received a goodbye kiss from Chace before heading back to Vancouver to film Eclipse. He should be back on the New York City set of Gossip Girl soon.

Like they say, there's nothing like a good post-TCA one-night stand.

A Chace Crawford Photograph

What do you think of this romance made in Teen Choice heaven? Do you think Ashley Greene and Chace Crawford would make a couple? [Photos: Fame Pictures]


I hate to say but I just don't think Ashley would be a good girlfriend because she seems like a cheat. I mean she says she and Jackson have chemistry and crushes on one another but then why is she kissing Ian and Chace? I just don't get it. Then again she is single so she's free to date anyone she wants still I just can't help thinking it wouldn't be past her to be two timing but that's just me.


I just don't get Ashley. I mean she says she and Jackson have major crushes on each other and awesome chemistry between them but she's been seen kissing other guys like Chace and Ian. What is up with her?


ASHLEY GREENE Is GORGEOUS! I obviosly don't know her personally but she seems to connect to her character barely and her and chace make a cute couple don't just say stuff about ppl if you don't know them personally gosh the world is made up of ignorant morons.


woo i love them togwther :)


OMG I Loveee Thisss
Whats About Ashley &+ Jackson It So Obvious He Likes Her And Ashley Has Said She Fancies Him ...


She's not dating Jackson Rathbone!! They're just FRIENDS!!
And Chace and Ashley were a couple but they broke up, and now they found eachother back!!
They are very cute together!!
Jashley (Jackson and Ashley) doesn't excist!!
Jackson Rathbone is single :] and i'm happy with that, Ashley and Jackson aren't made for eachother!!
Chace and Ashley give them relationship another chance :] they're look good togheter!!!


i thought she was going out with jackson rathbone! worest couple made on earth! chace can go with another girl! jasper and alice. PS I have nothing against Chace.


You think she would post those pictures then involve lawyers? Are you nuts? She's not a slut! And why would she need attention when she's one of the most followed celebrities out there?
She made a mistake and now she's getting crucified for it.


what i dont get is when you watch the TCA, Jackson has his arm round her, they look like a couple. And then the next mornin shes makin out with Chace.. what?!


Ugh I totally agree with the comment above...why woudl anyone ant to date someome who needs attention that badly? Can't he find someone less slutty?

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