Cameron Douglas Arrested For Possession of Meth, Intent to Distribute

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Actor Cameron Douglas, the son of Michael Douglas, was arrested this morning in New York City for possession of methamphetamines with the intent to distribute.

Dude looks kinda like his dad ...

This is not the drug arrest for Cameron Douglas.

In 2007, he was charged with felony possession of a controlled substance after authorities found a syringe with liquid cocaine in a car he was in.

The Cameron Douglas mug shot above, in fact, is from his 2007 arrest.

According to TMZ, the 30-year-old actor was taken into custody by federal authorities earlier today. He remains in police custody as of this posting.


I do not feel sorry for the poor little rich boy we are not talking just about Cameron we are talking about all the peoples life he was on his way to destroy He had all the oppertunity to act like a peson he knew how busy his father was yes and ware the hell was his mom?? you know the cycle has to stop some ware mabe this young man can do this with proper help for his own children the mighty buck see what it can do to some people? he still should be punished for trying to hury other people and distroy there lives. CAMERON WE ALL HAVE TO GROW UP AND MIKEY SPEND YOU MONEY HAPPILY!!!


I forgot to add, that Cameron should have rehab and a prison term. Perhaps while he is in prison, he can learn a skill, or get a degree so that he won't have to resort to selling drugs or sponging of his "dysfunctional" family.


Cameron Douglas has had more opportunities to straighten out his life than most individuals on this planet. Despite these opportunities and family support, he continues to make negative choices. He takes no responsibility and blames it all on his "dysfunctional" family. However, it is this same family that is closing ranks around him, and giving him unconditional love and support. If he were not the child of a celebrity, he would be getting at least a ten year sentence. However, most of the time, the color of justice is green, and Cameron will probably get off easy. Cameron needs to grow up, assume responsibility for his actions, and accept the consequences of the poor choices he has made. I admire Kirk and Michael Douglas, as well as Catherine Zeta-Jones, but while I don't feel that Cameron should be made an example of due to his celebrity status, neither should he expect leniency


I don't want to blame the father, he was out there making millions. What was the mother doing while this kid was growing up. I believe she was not working - she was not out somewhere trying to earn money to help her husband to make more millions. They had 1 child and yet she cannot personally take care of Cameron? What did she do? What was her role while the boy was growing???


why is he selling amphetamines? Isn't his dad a millionaire?


He's in pretty big trouble now. Intent to distribute by the Feds is gonna mean jail time on a second go rounder. The first one wasn't light fare either being a syringe and liquid substance to inject obviously, and not snort. A 1/2 lb. of Meth?? This guy has access to all the privilege, and can't just do a Downey, and muff himself. Here's a guy without a career, and selling drugs made sense for money. This is a Kirk deal getting passed down once again. I wonder how deep in the family tree that disfunction goes. I guess Michael will have to forgo some time in Spain over this. He must be wrecked right now, I would be. Sorry to hear about it. I like Michael in movies a lot. H


tsk...tsk! This guy never learned his lesson...

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