Britney Spears Has Totally Lost Weight!

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As Britney Spears prepares to hit the road next week for her second Circus concert tour of North America in less than nine months, the pop star - and mother of two foul-mouthed brats - managed to get her body looking better than ever.

Britney herself is thrilled with her own transformation, according to OK!

A source says that Spears, who flaunted her toned physique in a barely-there white Eres bikini for an August 6 photo shoot in L.A. - just loves her new figure.

“Britney used to hate her body when she looked in the mirror,” a longtime pal of the singer, who is now dating her agent, Jason Trawick, says. “But last week she sent pictures home to [her mom] Lynne and wrote, ‘Look how good I look!’”

Here's Britney looking svelte and sizzling as ever ...

Britney Spears' New Body!

Britney Spears' diet secrets? Work out! Amazing what that will do. Note that this claims she's lost 20 pounds in four weeks, but the "before" picture is 15 months old.

Her looking good may not be news to those of us who follow her career regularly, but if it means a reason to post Britney Spears pictures showing just how good she looks lately, then we suppose we're OK! with this story in the end.

Click to enlarge the recent images of our girl below ...

BS Picture
Dress Her Up
A Skinny Britney
It is Britney, Bitch
The Teenagers' Choice
Hot Britney Bikini Photo
Brit Squats
Long Live the Queen
Pink Brit

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all you haters out there get a life and why do you guys call somone fat if you don't even know them


my daughter died fr anorexia at 12 someone called her chicken neck,she was 80 pounds,shame on all of you!


she looks great she's not fat shes toned and what matter is that she is healthy


i dont believe that women should be a size zero but the truth is that britney is on the heavy side, "sorry stans" for the record i'm not white, im black. and i believe britney should lose weight for health reasons. the poor thing has people around her telling her what she wants to hear even if it's not true. she is fat im sorry just look at her arms neck legs. she should lose atleast 10 pounds so she could be healthier. she's too young to be overweight. if she keeps this up in 10 more years she's gonna be obese like her mother and father, oh shyt lol maybe it runs in the fams.


ok, let me start by saying this.... MOSTLY white americans will call that FAT becuz thats what MOST white americans think.. a female also close to death wearing a size 0 or her clothes dropping off of her is beautiful to Most white americans. to other nationality SHE LOOKS GREAT THAT IS A REAL WOMANS BODY. A REALLLLL WOMAN.


u people r the reason y teenage girls r constanly sayin there fat when there a masty size zero brittany is not fat i pretty positive tht the people tht r callin her fat r either a freakin 1000 lbs or pissed cause they have no money like britt does so for all u haters either go hit the gym or get a life and a good paying job oh an p.s. no one cares about wht u think ur opinion is not needed or even important it is useless just like u probably r goodday


she still looks chunky. but then again shes always been chunky. except when she first came out then i would say she had the perfect body cuz she wasn't too thin or too thick.


I seriously cannot believe you people think she looks fat. Her entire body looks toned and muscley and her legs look great. Do yall know what athletic people look like? Just because she doesnt have the same figure she did when she was 19 years old I would still say she looks pretty damn good. And this is after 2 kids! People are just going to keep seeing what they want even if it's not true.


Okay, so shes not "THIN" but she has lost weight, thats what the title says and its true! She looks so much better and more fit. Just because shes not model like thin doesnt mean shes fat.
for the people who are calling her fat: "you'd do the same thing if she was model thin" c: cheers.


what is this magazine talking about she looks fat still she looks the same. LMAO. oh man look at her fat arms legs neck mid area. plssssssssssssssss she's fat. i don't know what the hell she's bragging about she doesn't look like she's lost any weight. she's FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT FAT OK!

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