Brangelina PDA Alert: Inglourious Basterds Premiere Pics

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Hey, did you hear that Angelina Jolie is dating Brad Pitt?

The beautiful couple made its hot presence very much felt at last night's premiere of the latter's new movie, Inglourious Basterds.

Directed by Quentin Tarantino, the film focuses on a group of soldiers, led by Pitt's character, whose sole mission is to scalp and and kill Nazis. That's a goal we can get behind.

Speaking of behind, Angelina grabbed her man's for the world to see. Take a look:

Inglourious Basterds Premiere Pic

On a night away from their brood of children, Brangelina lived it up on the red carpet. Click on the following photos, courtesy of Fame Pictures, for more examples:

Pretty Couple
Brangelina Picture
Inglourious Basterds Premiere Photo
Angelina and Brad

Wow, what a hot hot hot couple. BRANGELINA ROCKS!!!


WHO CARES HOW JENNIFER ANISTON FEELS???? She has nothing to do with them and is doing her own thing. Besides, she's been used and dumped by atleast 3 other guys by now. Brad Pitt is sooooooo 5 years ago for her.


How sad. The levels some women will go to put claim their men. Why don't she cock her leg up and pee all over him. I'm I the only one who thinks that Brad looks totally uninterested in her PDA PR stunt. How pleased must Jennifer be feeling right now?

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