Ashlee Simpson to Perez Hilton: Get Ur Own Life!

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Perez Hilton has gone and pissed off another star. Or at least Ashlee Simpson.

The celebrity gossip blogger reported that Ashlee and husband Pete Wentz got into a fight at the one-year anniversary of his Chicago bar, Angels and Kings.

Hilton quoted eyewitnesses who said a boozed-up Ash instigated the spat and told Pete "he was [acting] horrible... and made him leave his own party early."

This ignited a war of words between the Wentzs and Perez Hilton. Via Twitter.

Ash Twit

Making it clear there was no bad blood with her beloved, she went after the gossip queen with a vengeance: "When all you do is make up untrue stories - look in the mirror. Do you even feel human?? Karma is a bitch. Your story is WAY off."

Hilton, who refers to Simpson-Wentz as "Asslee" (in typical clever fashion) fired back with this Tweet to Pete: "Sorry to hear what Ashlee put you through."

With mock compassion, the most hated man in celebrity gossip then suggested rehab facilities in Malibu Ashlee can check into, while defending his story.

"I don't wanna name names and get people fired but several of the people I spoke with work at Angels & Kings. I'm not wrong," Perez Hilton Twittered.

Perez Twit

"WRONG," replied Ashlee. "My husband is an amazing dj and was dedicating songs to me. We were just havin fun. Our love is amazing ... Get ur own life."

No doubt was thinking the same thing while feuding with him in July ... before his manager stepped in and Perez got his ass whomped, that is.


ashlee,ashley or whatever she is so FAKE...& the one who need 2 get a real life sista >>got problems don`t LIE about it OK


Times Square Gossip reported this why it happened. love that site. http://www.timessquaregossip.c...


he leads a very sad life


who really cares if the story is true or not??? did it change your life in any way to know if some couple somewhere had a fight?? if you want to hear about couples fighting i will tell my best friend to call you and she can complain to you about her relationship problems...if you have nothing better to do with yourself. seriously people. the validity of the story is not the issue, it is making people's personal lives public...turning people into targets of harassment and ridicule for no apparent reason....except for making money off of dragging their personal lives into a public forum. perez makes a living off of other people's lives and careers, it's like being a big fat ugly leech. So they had a fight, big deal. leave them alone.


Oh it has to be true if it was on the radio shows...


Mario what's-his-face is a sad, lonely, pudgy little man with nothing to live for. We should all feel sorry for him. Seriously, when you have to choose a cutie-pie little fake name that's just a knockoff of somebody else's real name to get attention, there's something desperately wrong with you "upstairs". You know, a brick short of a load. One bottle short of a six-pack. No branium in the cranium. Utsnay.


This story is true it was all over the radio shows this morning...


Perez is so pathetic...celebs shouldn't even acknowledge his existence he is so insignificant. Once again, karma is a bitch....hopfeully there will be a run in with mister wentz sometime soon and perez will get some more karma =) but seriously...i feel sorry for perez, he has to wake up every day and look himself in the mirror. Perez is not just ugly on the outside, he's ugly on the inside too. Couples have fights, big effing deal...if they had one or not, how is it anyone's business?? Who cares??? ... and just because someone drinks at a bar doesn't mean they need rehab! seriously!??!?!!!

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