Xavier Samuel: Cast as Riley in Eclipse

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Pssst, Bella:

You might wanna stop thinking about a make out session with Jacob and start running for your life.

Producers have found an actor to take on the role of Riley in Eclipse, the relatively new vampire that is tasked with one mission by Victoria: murder Bella!

His name is Xavier Samuel, he's a little-known Australian star and Eclipse will actually mark his big screen debut in America. We hope he's prepared for the fame that's sure to follow.

Not much is known about Samuel, though he's on record as saying:

“I don’t have any facial hair, so it will be a while before I play the gruff leading man. Maybe one day I’ll get to play my actual age. For now my baby face has condemned me to play the teenager.”

Harry Potter star Tom Felton had been rumored for the role of Riley. Think the movie made the right choice with Xavier? Click on the following images to get a closer look at him...


y fight for sumthing so stupid to know??? not everyone will be pleased for the Twilight saga's cast..We all have different perceptions, so why impose oneself's opinion for everyone?? Even Rob Pattinson received such awful comments but what matters is those sensible people who wud still watch the twilight saga despite the "disgust" (I think) they feel towards one or more people included in the cast. What matters is how the story's been directed effectively. even if they cast such a wonderful creature there, if the movie sucks, then it won't make sense at all.


just shutup already she is buitiful and a awesome atcress


You are just jelous obviosly! xD She's a good actress!


Kristen stewart is a horrible actress and she is BUTT UGLY! no matter who they cast as any role she has already ruined the movies with her dry acting and annoying faces.


yay!!!! number 1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I actually don't think that Kirsten should be in the movie she's a horrible actress! I like jacob he's totally hot and i LOVE emmett he's sexy and hot and oh god! I think robert would have been better with a better partner but of course he was holding back to much and edward wasn't all that afraid to touch her i mean he kissed her all the time and this is just sad!

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