The Bachelorette Spoilers: Finale Rumor Round-Up!

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With the season finale of The Bachelorette on tap for Monday, and the "After the Final Rose" special following one night later, two (maybe three) men remain.

Bachelorette spoilers, rumors and gossip abound as Jillian Harris prepares to make a decision and bring to an end what has been a tumultuous fifth season.

Let's review some of the theories posited (some from more reliable sources than others) as to what will happen in The Bachelorette season finale Monday:

  • Jillian will pick Ed Swiderski. This is what many fans of the show, including past star DeAnna Pappas, see happening. Jillian Harris has had eyes for Ed since day one, and he looks like the odds-on favorite to win, right?
  • Maybe, but there is the persistent rumor that Ed has a girlfriend. After all the talk about Wes Hayden (and Laurel Kagay) this season, Ed having a significant other that somehow derails his chances would be a big twist.
  • Also a big twist - and one guaranteed to shake things up in some form? The return of Reid Rosenthal. All indications are that the vanquished third-place finisher will come back and ask for another shot. Will he get it?
Ed Swiderski and Kiptyn Locke

Will Jillian Harris pick Ed Swiderski or Kiptyn Locke? Or neither?

  • We have not heard any rumblings about Kiptyn Locke being chosen on the finale. Contrarily, we have heard plenty of rumors that he is being considered - or has even signed a deal - to be the next star of The Bachelor.
  • Assuming Reid makes his play for Jillian, that could lead to this scenario: Jillian chooses Ed, but breaks up with him (possibly due to the girlfriend situation) for Reid on the "After the Final Rose" special, a la Jason Mesnick.
  • Many fans think Reid Rosenthal will ultimately be Jillian Harris' choice, and it's just a matter of how the show times the big reveal. However, there are some who believe Jillian is not engaged and ends up with no one.

Now that would be a shocking ending - and a disappointing one for fans who have fallen in love with her and each of the Canadian cutie's remaining suitors.

Who will win The Bachelorette?


ABC should let the home audience vote for the man for the bachlorette to choose. Obviously, she would have a better chance of finding a great guy. Do it like american idol and let them vote for them.


I think she wanted whoever was going to give her a ring. Ed was the only one that talked marriage before the rose ceremony. She just didn't want to be a loser. Kipton was by far the best match, Reid also but ED, the won that left the show because his job was going to fire him. I think he just went back to break up with his girlfriend.


Jillian was so dumb kypton was the total package, sweet caring, romantic, hansome, instead she choose a greg brady look a like, who now doesn't have a job, an is a real dork. jill ya made a bigggg mistake.


I really want kipton to be the next bachelor, jill was out of her mind picking ED, Kipton is the real deal


she should have never let reid go


I think towards the end Jillian realized she was forcing the situation for all of them. I think Reid, Ed and Kiptyn like her.
She's waited this long for true love. Why not take a little more time and on her own she extends all three courtships to see who stands the test of time? After the Mesnick fiasco we know any ending
is possible!

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