The Bachelorette Spoilers: Is Jillian Even Engaged?

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Next Monday on the season finale of The Bachelorette, Jillian Harris finally makes her choice. Ed Swiderski and Kiptyn Locke are the last men standing.

Except for the ousted Reid Rosenthal, who - Bachelorette spoiler alert - looks poised to return and possibly propose to Jillian in a surprising twist.

The promo that ran after this week's "The Men Tell All" show - at which Reid was MIA - shows him returning to Hawaii for another shot at Jillian.

What does Jillian say about who returns and what happens?

"I can't really tell you too much," Jillian tells ET. "I watched the tease for the finale, and I can tell you it is an exciting episode and a crazy day. I can't tell you who comes back, but it is all very traumatic, unfortunately."

Traumatic? That doesn't sound good. Nor do some of her other comments. Maybe she is just a good bluffer, but Jillian Harris makes no reference to being engaged, or even being in a relationship with a great guy or anything like that.

Again, she could be playing it cool. But it's only about "her decision."

Jillian's Decision

"All I can say is that after all the drama is over, and I make ONE LAST FINAL decision, I hope you all are as thrilled with the outcome as I am," she wrote in her last blog. "You have no idea how excited I am to let this secret out!!!"

Then: "I struggled with a lot of decisions. Again, I admit that I’m human. But I stand by my statement that I am very happy. I have had two months living with my decisions and am still very happy with them. That is what matters right?"

Get the feeling she is pulling a Brad Womack here?

Jillian even admits having second thoughts about getting engaged, and she talks to her dad about it. He told her that accepting a proposal from the man of her choice did not mean that she has to walk down the aisle immediately.

He pointed out to Jillian, "Getting a proposal in this scenario signifies for me that you are ready. Let's have a proposal, get engaged and start a life together and a year from now see where things are at and then get married."

"My dad was very right," Jillian adds.

That said, Jillian does rate the final three men:

"I would definitely have to say for Reid, it would be his sense of humor and just his quirkiness. Kiptyn is just so genuine and has such a huge heart."

"With Ed, I would have to say it is his balance. He has a good balance in life between personal, business and family. He is a well-rounded individual."

What do you think? Is this all a smoke screen, or does Jillian Harris not pick anyone at all? Who, if anyone, will win The Bachelorette?


Jullian is a sweet and beautiful young lady. I voted for Reid. I understood his emotions. After all, Jullian was courting several guys. Tough for a guy to commit in this situation. Good luck, Jullian!


I honestly feel that she should have picked Kypton because Ed acts a little sugary!!!! Besides he did leave once whether it was his job or not what will it be next time?? Jillian i wish you the best because you deserve true love, but YOU AND ED ARE NOT MEANT TO BE! I feel that if you could go back you should have thought about giving Jake a chance because he appeared to be genuine....... JAKE SHOULD BE THE NEXT BACHELOR FOR SURE!!!!


ps. ed did have a girlfriend back in chicago but they broke up and now she is dating a really hot guy! don't believe me if you want, but I know it's true. He was dating my bf's cousin.


Shes too insecure to be with a real man Kipytin, she rather go with the lesseer man ed to feel safe, becuse kiptin can get women whenever he wants even ten fifteen years from now when she is turning 40 and fat


what a dumb whore whore for listening to tv execs too lead these guys on whore for letting tem do that to her whore for just being a part of it in the end just your run of a mill white trailer part trash whore./ go abck to Hawaii nd whore around there


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I hope she picks Reed. I WANTED MICHAEL TO WIN!!!!!! HE SHOULD BE THE NEXT BACHELOR!!!!!!!!!!!


I believe that she still wants Wes.


Jake should be the next Bachelor.
As far a Jillian is concerned, I think she chooses Kiptyn. She has had a huge crush on him from the beginning and he is the total package. He will challenge her and make life interesting. They can edit these show anyway they want. I think they try to throw you off of what is really going on. Either way nobody dies so life goes on...

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