Report: Mischa Barton Tried to Commit Suicide

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Mischa Barton may be starring on The Beautiful Life this fall.

But, sadly, no description could be more ill-fitting for the actress herself these days.

Following talk that Barton was admitted to the psychiatric ward of Cedars-Sinai Hospital because she was strung out on coke, a source is confirming the rumor that the actress also tried to commit suicide.

"She tried to kill herself," an insider told E! News, while another source added: "She was being crazy that day [when she went to Cedars Sinai Medical Center]."

Mischa Photo

Of course, Barton's rep classifies the suicide allegation as "absolutely false."

He said to Ted Casablanca of E! News: "Your source is far from knowledgeable, as nothing they've told you is true, inclusive of the suicide attempt."

The same rep did not offer any actual reason for why is client was admitted to the hospital in the first place, however.

As for her status on the aforementioned CW series this fall?

"The network and studio have been supportive of Mischa's casting and subsequent recovery all along. Thanks for checking, though," he bitterly replied.

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