Molly Malaney is Perfect for Jason Mesnick, Melissa Rycroft Says

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Who says reality shows can't have happy endings?!?

Just five months ago, Jillian Harris was a woman dumped, Molly Malaney was a woman hated and Melissa Rycroft was a woman scorned. Now?

Jillian is moving in with Ed Swiderski; Molly is in a committed, solid relationship with Jason Mesnick; and Melissa is engaged, as well as thrilled for both her former competitors on The Bachelor.

When asked by Chris Harris on last night's After the Final Rose special on ABC, Rycroft had one simple answer about whether Mesnick chose the right mate in Malaney: "Yes."

Bachelorette Jillian Harris

It took many (or, really, just a few) months, but Melissa Rycroft, Molly Malaney and Jillian Harris have all found love.

Pressed about her infamous public dumping in March, Melissa admitted that it was tough.

"It's not easy being that person. It's hard to be that person because on one hand, there's the embarrassment factor. The other times that it happened in my life, it was private and I could cope privately," Rycroft told viewers. "This was very public. Everybody saw the hurt and they saw the crying, but it's definitely been something I’ve embraced and love, because my friends, family, everybody back home was right there to help me."

In the end, she added: "I think what everybody saw was one of the best things that has happened to me in my life."

Perhaps now the public can give Jason and Molly a break. Everyone seems happier than ever.

It helps, of course, that Melissa has found a new man: fiance Tye Strickland.

"It's funny because it didn't start back up again as a romance," Rycroft said of how she fell for with her friend. "He had called me in early January, and during the whole Bachelor hoopla, he really, truly became my best friend, corny as it sounds. That's how that started up again."

We wish Melissa and Tye; Jillian and Ed; and Molly and Jason nothing but the best!


Melissa is a wonderful gal and did nothing wrong. Jason was a complete jerk to treat her the way he did. Jason is so strange: Fickle, foolish, and freaky guy!


Jason Mesnick and that Molly person have left a sour taste in everyones mouth even after several months. No matter how much time has passed and how many morning shows they appear on being lovey dovey, everyone is disgusted with them still. Even though Melissa has moved on and has Ty, this still does not ever make up for what Jason did to her on TV in front of millioins. This horrible Molly person has no brains to be with such a man. Jason and Molly should be poster people for how not to behave in relationships. Please Please stop giving Jason and Molly pres time no one cares!!!!!!!!!!!


I don't think the world will ever know what happened between Jason and Melissa. Jason is too much a gentlemen to say anything negative about anyone. Believe me when I tell you that Melissa is a different person when the cameras are not on her. I know this. Her fiancee Tye knew it at one time too. He's just riding the celebrity train. She wasn't good enough for him before her sudden rise to fame. To Jason, I say kudos for taking the high road. People will find out one day who the real Melissa Rycroft really is.


I don't think Melissa was angry but more upset and rightly so. Jason chose her and made the conscious decision to ask for her hand in marriage, to spend the rest of her life with him. He said he couldn't see himself letting Molly go but he could never let go of Melissa. So what happened? As Melissa herself said "what happened" to cause such a change of heart? The guy had plenty of time to think it over before deciding and if he wasn't sure he didn't have to propose. I agree with what Melissa said about Jason fighting for their relationship because he obviously cared for her. He should have let her in on his feelings straight away so they could have at least made a combined effort to see if they could make it work. It's sad anyone had to get hurt because Melissa, Molly and Jillian are all beautiful, caring women. At least things seem to have worked out for everyone after all the hurt.


Enough already, all couples are happy and it ended great for them. Molly and Jason are not evil-just 2 people that rightfully belonged together and Molly even told that to Jason when he let her go. That is when just afterwards he realized he made a mistake. Melissa already had a boyfriend named Ty and reactivated their relationship after the show ended and now she is happy. ABC was wrong and nasty to have Jason come back and break off with Melissa when they already had and Melissa knew it. She performed well and everyone thinks she is a saint........!


Everyone is happy. Everyone says they're happy. Everyone is in a great place. "Ssays" you must not be happy. It's obvious you have issues. Once you deal with the reason this reality show has affected YOU so much, you will also be "in a better place." I, and everyone else I know, wishes these couples all the best. To Jason and Molly, what a love story. You should write a book.


I agree that Jason the jerk chose the right person in the end - Molly; they sure do deserve each other because they are two of a kind, selfish, narcissistic and callous individuals. Melissa was being a lady about it last evening. Molly and Jason wants to go on justifying the decision to be together by saying that it turned out good for both Melissa and Jillian! That's such a disgusting comment. I wish Melissa and Jillian all the best for these two classy ladies. As for Jason and Molly, their day will surely come - they're both slime and I won't forget what occurred. I'm sure Molly wouldn't be happy if she were in Melissa's shoes on the day Melissa got dumped. Please don't discuss those two slime buckets again. It's sickening.


Give me a break morons. Does "production" not mean anything to you? They broke up long before the reunion show aired - it was no surprise to her, but my, what an actress.


It's not that Melissa and Jason ended their relationship that had alot of people angry, it was the way Jason choose to end it on national tv and suck face with Molly right after. Just no class and he paid for it with all the negative attention. I don't think gets it yet but Melissa is making it easier for him. Cream always rises to the top.

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