Mary-Louise Parker: Nude, Baking in Esquire

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The current season of Weeds has been a major disappointment for one reason:

A lack of Mary-Louise Parker sex scenes.

Sure, the actress was railed from behind by her drug lord of a baby daddy, but forced intercourse isn't very arousing.

Fortunately, the good folks at Esquire feel our pain and have published the sexiest photos of Parker in recorded history. If this is what cooking is all about, why have men stayed out of the kitchen for so long?!?

Mary-Louise Parker Naked
Mary-Louise Parker in Esquire

In the past, Mary-Louis Parker has said that nude photos weren't a big deal. We beg to differ.


have mercy!!!!!!!!!!next time your in the mood to bake...can i help? why can't i find such an adventurous beautiful lady like you?! you ever grt the urge to come to idaho...i'd love to love you for-ever


Big nipples, a gorgeous firm butt, she likes removing her clothes and she can cook too!!!


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