Mary-Louise Parker Nude Photos: No Big Deal

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Mary-Louise Parker nude? That was nothing compared to what this Weeds star had to endure during a photo shoot for her acclaimed series.

The beautiful star is fine posing in the buff. Snakes, however? Those are another story.

"I didn't think I was going to do it actually," the actress told the Associated Press and People reported. "But then, they were there and the snake was there, and I didn't want the snake to win, so I put the snake on."

Parker is photographed from the back with a snake coiled around her shoulder and down her bare back, head poised mid-strike. And it was that set-up - not the birthday suit - that bothered her.

This photo is worth showing as often as we can. It's the sort of shot we'd expect from Katie Rees.

"I've been naked quite a bit, actually," she said. "You Google [Mary-Louise Parker naked], you'll see it all."

By the end of the shoot, though, Parker was close pals with the snake, she claimed. Of course, we weren't really listening because we were too busy Googling Mary-Louise Parker nude and Jessica Alba nude (why not, right?)

The third season of Weeds, which also stars Kevin Nealon, Elizabeth Perkins and new-to-the-series Matthew Modine, premiered last night.

Many people may have been too distracted by The Hills and the exploits of Lauren, Heidi and Spencer - not too forget Whitney Port - to care, however.

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Photoshop is a beautiful thing. It can make a 45 year old's body look like a 25 year old's. Look at how smooth those legs are.


must beauitiful women alive she's a greek godless mary-louise Parker...ah!