Heidi Montag Loves Twitter, God; Hates Fame, Birth Control

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Heidi and Spencer Pratt are Twittering up a storm these days.

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    omg, LOL @ all the people here who believe in the NWO and 9/11 coverup. It's really scary that the average minded people in society believe this cherry picked crap (loosechange for example) and exhibit NO critical thinking skills and so they are so easily persuaded into believing such nonsense.

    here guys, let me find you some tin foil hats

    like wow, take a look at yourselves; "the NWO is very much real, be worried!" rofl


    OHHHHH PLEASE SPIEDI GET A F-ING LIFE OF YOUR OWN EVERYONE HATES YOU .... if they truly cared about God and their faith they would be humble and not ALWAYS seeking media attention


    They are only saying this now cuz they are famous or kinda. what fakes and jokes I cant even believe them they really need a big reality dose ... no pun intended


    Well for those mindless dupes that know nothing of the Mew World Order (Even though world leaders speak of it every day).
    I guess they don't know how to read, here is a youtube link of Bush's father when he was president.
    Now if you still doubt it or don't understand it, get the hell out of our way. Or your dumb ass is gonna get caught in the cross fire.


    Whoa! People in Hollywood have brains! They believe in Jesus AND know that Obama is no different than Bush? Wow. These two rock!
    I checked out that Infowars site... it does not look like conspiracy stuff. All it had was stories about real stuff that the media ignores. Anyone who studies history is aware of the stuff on that site.


    Alex Jones is not left wing. He ran for office as a Republican and highly critical of actions by Clinton and Obama.


    check this out then:


    It's not surprising to see a smear campaign against Spencer and Heidi; the thought police seem to be out in full force. It's still sad that people so ignorantly judge others with out looking into or knowing the facts themselves. stay strong Spencer and Heidi.


    Bravo! I heard these 2 on pod cast and they are awesome! Brave and courageous! You guys need to come to San Diego and check out the Horizon School of Evangelism! August 18th is the beginning of vision week. School is 18 weeks mon-fri 8-12 with 2 practicums. Alex Jones, keep on rockin the Truth in the Free World!! Jesus Reigns! Death to the NWO!!


    The New World Order has been in the media thousands of times over the last few weeks, stop living in denial.

    Stop reading stupid Hollywood gossip and wake up!

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