Daniel Bark Arrested in Alexis Cohen Hit-and-Run

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Daniel Bark, a 23-year-old New Jersey resident, was arrested and charged with the death of Alexis Cohen, a former American Idol contestant, during a hit-and-run.

Cops say Bark killed Cohen with a 2005 Mitsubishi Gallant and left the scene of the predawn Saturday accident, and could face 10-15 years in prison if so.

About 4 a.m., two passersby discovered the battered body of the memorable American Idol castoff on a road in Seaside Heights on the New Jersey shore.

Her car was found about 300 yards away.

Alexis Cohen in one of her two failed American Idol tryouts.

Investigators said Alexis Cohen, 25, who hails from Allentown, Pa., had been visiting the popular beach town. Bark was arrested in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

His bail was set at $35,000.

Alexis Cohen, who was studying veterinarian medicine at Montgomery County Community College, will always be remembered by legions of Idol fans.

May she rest in peace.


Just sad


I have never watched this show so know little about Ms Cohen, but she must have had family who loved her and the driver was arrested so I assume he was at fault and she was simply crossing the road. Yes Justin you are a complete twat.


wow, the ignorant sure have a great time using their little keyboards. i wish on Mr. Bark and Justin the same fate as what happened to Ms. Cohen. People that make comments like that do not really benefit society in any way that I can ascertain. So eliminate them and make more room for the more compassionate.


It really is a shame. Lady might have had a terrible temper but she had a great singing voice (not slick enough for Simon and co., alas,) and she also would have benefited the world when she became a vet. The man who mowed her down, on the other hand...
It's a strange and unfair world.


@Justin Fuck you, scumbag. And that chemical dump NJ should be blown up using you as a fuse for the greater good of America, you pussy bitch.


The man is a hero. He killed tourist scum and thus should be set free because she isn't human. You wouldn't get sent to jail for hitting a dog or a raccoon, you shouldn't get sent to jail for some tourist who was too stupid to look both ways.