Alexis Cohen, American Idol Castoff, Killed in Car Accident; Police Investigating Possible Homicide

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Alexis Cohen, who was ridiculed by Simon Cowell and termed the Green Goblin during auditions for American Idol, was killed on the New Jersey shore Saturday.

According to the The Asbury Park Press, Alexis Cohen, 25, was apparently struck and killed by a car in what authorities are calling an apparent homicide.

Deputy Chief Michael Mohel of the Ocean County Prosecutors Office reports that an autopsy revealed that the Allentown, Pa., passed away after suffering severe chest, abdominal and closed head injuries as a result of the collision.

Authorities are currently conducting an investigation into Alexis Cohen's death, asking anyone with information on the hit and run to speak up.

Alexis Cohen Picture

Alexis Cohen provided one of American Idol's most colorful tryouts.

Cohen rose to reality stardom after her 2007 American Idol audition resulted in a showdown with Cowell, who likened her to the Spider-Man character.

Alexis responded with a bird-flipping rant, in which she claimed to "march to the beat of a different drummer" while vowing to "leave with [her] dignity."

Resilient, she returned to audition in 2008. Again, she was shown the door.

Check out some of Alexis Cohen's greatest auditioning moments ...


sooo... certain people just HAVE to be famous, huh? :-l poor dumb girl! :(


Sad news! I saw the makings of a future Tracy Ullman in this girl! She was a real character!


'Alexis' had threatened people in the Fox company. Fox is a powerful company and will probably find out who I am and have me killed.
God I wish I worked with the investigators, because I'd have the case closed in no time.


This girl had a great sense of humor and I liked her a lot and will miss her making us laugh. I think she was quite entertaining despite the fact she cannot sing, the girl was a lot of fun. I hope they find the person who killed her and I will miss her sparkling face and two hands up in Simon face.!!!


This girl had a great sense of humor and i liked her a lot and will miss her making us laugh. I think she was quite entertaining despite the fact she cannot sing the girl was a lot of fun. i hope they caught the person and i will miss her sparkling face and to hands up!!!


what is left to say???? we all come, we all have to go...doesn't much matter what SIMON thinks, does it? But the girl was definately a bit odd..........


aboslutely NO comarison between this girl and michael jackson. yeah it's kinda weird thats dead now tho i saw her on the show too


Wow, I am not a fan of American Idol and only watch maybe 1 or 2 "audition" episodes per season... and I actually remember her! That's crazy.


i agree that simon couldn't care less. heck, even i think that she was a freak.


Lily I agree so much with you R.ii.P
to both Michael Jackson and Alexis
..only God knows :(

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