Carmen Ortega: Possible Reggie Bush Play Thing

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While some sources claim Kim Kardashian and Reggie Bush broke up over the simple matter of busy schedules, other stories behind the relationship's demise are far more sordid.

For example, was Kim receiving lewd text messages from Kanye West? Was Bush sleeping with another woman?

Yesterday, we cited the seemingly random accusation that Reggie was involved with a model while dating Kim. Supposedly, the months-long affair included rendezvous around the country, an arrangement Kardashian eventually discovered.

Now, Perez Hilton claims he's identified Reggie's other woman: say hello to stripper Carmen Ortega!

Perez also describes Ortega as a "professional escort."

Sounds fishy, no? Would Reggie Bush really need a professional escort? Especially when he was already dating Kim Kardashian?

Chime in with your thoughts - and then follow this article's jump for a look at many more scantily-clad Carmen Ortega pictures...

Reggie Bush Girlfriend?

Ortega claims she has inviting text messages and photos from Bush. Do you believe her?

Either way, click on the photos above to get a closer look at this attention-starved stripper.


Jassy I know that this you're Marciano dress from 07'!


pin venezolano me gustan las extranjeras 30F41FD3


pin venezolano me gustan las extranjeras


umm...: any female is better than Kim.


Sex with me please


Kim i a lot better in many ways than this whore named carmen? like really how could anyone ever think this girl is better? haha... she's not even close to being better than kim.


I see Carmen and her friends are on her posting. I'm not Kim fan but she clearly looks MUCH better than Carmen big buck teeth self. There is nothing pretty about her with those rock hard breast implants. Why is everyone mad at Carmen? Because she is a ho! She was messing with Reggie knowing her had a girlfriend. She was messing with Reggie and she had a man. That's is slutty. She went around bragging about it. If she had any class she wouldnt have put herself in that situation, and thinking it's cute.


Get over it! Reggie and all the rest of those ball players...celebrity...and political figures constantly engage with multiple women and always stupid if she thought she wasn't gonna get cheated on...


I don't blame him, if there's anyone he should cheat on with Kim it would be Carmen!! Kim might not be giving him the action he needs, and judging her performance at the Ray J cameo, uuuuumm let's just say somebody needs something better than a live blowup doll in bed.


Someone should stomp perez's face in until it's unrecognizable!

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