Bar Refaeli Goes on a Rampage

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Bar Refaeli has replaced Brazilian beauty Gisele Bundchen as the new face for the young contemporary brand, Rampage. It's hard to argue with either choice.

“The Rampage line is comfortable. The cuts are very feminine," Bar said. "It fits perfectly to the curves of a woman. I have curves and I feel really good in it!”

Truly, who are we to argue with such a strong point as that.

Ads like this make you wanna go all Rampage Jackson ...

Bar Refaeli for Rampage. We know. You are not reading this.

Click to see many more Bar Refaeli pictures, then check out some footage of the 23-year-old Israeli supermodel posing for the apparel line below ...


Kate Mara has nothing on this girl. I would chop off both my piikne toes for one night with her.@ Bubby Brister's Mop- Do you always decide if a girl is hot by who's d*** she's had in her mouth? So if Leonardo was hotter you'd be ok with it?


Comments 1 and 2 above are Bar's mom Tzipi.


Bar is HOT!!! Gisele is NOT!



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