Confirmed: Season Two of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Hatred of Danielle Staub

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Cat fights. Table flips. Cocaine-addicted kidnappers.

The first season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey had it all. Therefore, it comes as no shock that another round of episodes has been ordered for this Bravo series.

"They're doing a second season, and it's going to be crazier than the first," a source told Life & Style. "It's going to explode. There's no premiere date, but everyone knows it's going to be a huge hit. The reason it has taken so long to announce is that once the show became such a hit, the women held out for much bigger paychecks."

The Real Housewives of New Jersey

Meanwhile, the woman at the center of the show - and in the center of the photograph above - is Danielle Staub.

Host Andy Cohen referred to Staub as a "fascinating character" during a recent interview with OK! Magazine, adding that "she certainly had a rich life that has gone in many directions.”

That rich life, of course, includes a sex tape with former flame Stephen Zawelski and five years of probation in the late 1980s for her involvement in an extortion case. Referring to Danielle's relationship with the rest of the cast, Cohen said:

“Frankly, I don’t think any the women believe half or a third or a fifth of what she says... They ain’t having dinner any time soon! They ain’t having dinner ever!"

Will you be tuning in for another season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey?

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I love Danielle. Watching the last season the other women were a pack of typical east coast jersey-dogs and Danielle had to stand on her own. I'm glad she's back and stronger than ever!!!


I absolutely love the NJ housewives!!!! I can't wait for season 2. I feel like I know them and can relate to all of them, except for Danielle!!!!!


I love the show. I think if Caroline didn't put her opinion of Danielle out there, the other ladies would have excepted her . I think the whole family background they are all afraid to have their own opinions..


I have met and become friends with Dina Manzo. THis woman is truely dear and think she may be the only realistic person of them all. Let's face it, Danielle is pure drama and needs the show for an income.
I think the new season will show who the real LADIES are! By the way, Watch DIna's Jewelry! I made it!!!!! HOTTT


I love watching the show, i never miss one moment of it. And i cant wait until the second season comes on.
However,I cant stand Caroline she think she is all that, when she is not. She is a mean person and doesn't give a chance to actually get to know people. As for the rest of the 'family' i really think they are all the same. What kind of people are they to attack Danielle when she did not have no-one to defend her. I felt for Danielle at the dinner party, she went there knowing that no-one there liked her. That was brave of her.
'The book' was' her past and they had no right to bring it back up, when Danielle was trying to put that part of her life behind her. She has beautiful children and that shows how a good mother she is. All she wanted is to make peace with the whole book issue and get past it. I am with you all the way girl, Danielle you don't need those people in your life and just enjoy your life with your beautiful girls.


I can't stand Carolyn's holier then thou attitude. Teresa is a mean vicous person. The way they attack Danielle is mean. I though Jacquelin was the only nice one there besides Danielle.


I can't wait!!
Love, love the show!!
Hurry up with the premier!!!!


Seriously, Danielle is mad to continue putting herself through it with those classless women - she is the only one who conducts herself with some intelligence and honesty. Caroline makes me ill and her sister is vacuous. Jacqueline is weak the madwoman who flips tables is a spoilt brat. Danielle is worth more than the lot of them put together. If they had any moral compassion, they would have welcomed Danielle and helped her, not behaved like bitches toward her. Danielle's children are well brought up and intelligent, thank goodness the family have each other.


I am waiting patiently for all of these beautiful ladies to share their lives with everyone. I cannot even say who is my favorite. They each add their own special something to the show.
Thanks ladies & Bravo TV


I won't watch it without crazy, super interesting Danielle Staub's drama.
Who cares of the other women? They are boring as hell. I'd rather watch the Beverly Hillbillies.