Confirmed: Drake LaBry is Adam Lambert's Boyfriend!

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The sexual orientation of Adam Lambert is no longer a question.

Following months of speculation about this singer's likely affinity for men, Lambert let an evening out this week do all the talking:

He was spotted leaving Guys and Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood with Drake LaBry, a 24-year old interior designer that we can now confirm is dating the popular American Idol runner-up.

Sources say LaBry was often in attendance at Idol tapings this season, though no one knew of his relationship with Lambert at the time.

Click on the following pics of Adam and Drake to enlarge photos of the couple, hand-in-hand, from last night:

Drake LaBry Pic
Drake LaBry Photo
Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert
Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

[Photo Credit: Fame Pictures]


i'm agree if adam loves a guy. that's YAOI moment! and they're sweet couple >


ADAM!!!u r likee soooooooooooo hotttt
u rock my world honeyy
love u!!!!!!!!!!!!!! always will remain a fan of ur sexxiiii voice
and realyy happy for u


well , i hope adam see that and donot hate me ,any way i think that since you are a star you are not so free to do what you wanaa do or say whatever you wanaa say because alot of young people say you as some star high in the sky and i think that being gay may affect your career
but there is no doubt you are a stare
you are the one for sure
from my point of view i hope you change your self and just be normal having a wife and children to have your name


the bottom line is that Adam Lambert is incredibly talented and honest.................who really cares about his sexuality...........that is why he came in second on American Idol,( that non gay vote was way too strong!!!) which was really a blessing, he didn't have to record that HORRID song. Good luck to Adam. He is a genius.


Wait a minute...somebody was confused as to whether or not THIS guy was gay??? He makes Clay Aiken look super-straight. This is what's wrong with people today...they are so naive while claiming to be so sophisticated!


i really love this guy he is so seductive i am dying ,,,


it's absolutely amazing that anyone in their right mind thinks that adam was not out/was ever trying to hide anything. personally, i could care less -- he's still amazing, hot, charismatic . . . oh, and what a talent! forget the pictures, need something new from him performance-wise to hear AND watch!


omg!omg!omg! sweet. & wat is up w ur confirmed? wth. u proved notin its oni pics. did adam say aniting. NO!


I hope this guy is deserving of Adam's affections. We know what a wonderful guy Adam is from AI and post AI. I want Adam to be happy. Yeah, there's a little pang of jealousy, but let's face it "He probably is not that in to girls" my wish is that he would come out "Bi" but we are so lucky to have him as an entertainer, what more can we ask for? He apparently has a lot of girls as friends so he is not rejecting women per se.

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