Not a lot is known about Drake LaBry. But we can confirm the following, key fact: He's 24 years old. He's an interior designer. And he's...

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Professionally, Adam Lambert's life is about to take off. His debut album, "For Your Entertainment," will be released on November 23.

Personally, however, the singer's love life has changed course dramatically: a source tells that he and Drake LaBry have called it quits.

“The relationship just ran its course,” said the insider. “The break-up was mutual and amicable. They remain friends and still care for each other.”

Very Much in Love

The couple went public in June and has been seen around Los Angeles at various times over the last few weeks. Said another source close to the pair:

"Adam is crazy busy right now getting the album done and squeezing in rehearsals. They both felt this moment is too important for Adam to focus on anything else but getting this album out and having it be a huge hit."

We'll have more information on this reported split as soon as it's available. For now, we wish each side nothing but the very best.

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With apologies to Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, as well as Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens, we think we've found the cutest couple in Hollywood.

American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert was spotted out with boyfriend Drake LaBry last night - and even an annoying celebrity gossip photographer couldn't get in the way of this pair's happiness.

In fact, right in front of the paparazzi, Lambert laid a wet one on his man. Check it out:

Kissing Alert!

You've gotta admire the openness and honesty with which Lambert lives his life.

While heterosexuals get divorced at a rate of 50%, it makes perfect sense many politicians wish to deny a couple such as this full marital rights... NOT!

Check out more shots of Adam and Drake below, including a random encounter the singer had with Brandy inside a 7-11:

  • Running Adorable Errands
  • A Very Cute Couple
  • Out, About, Cute
  • Very Much in Love
  • Adam and Brandy


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What a pair of cuties!

For the first time since they came out as a couple, Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry were spotted in public this week.

The duo attended a Pink concert in Los Angeles and, as you can tell by the photos below, looked as happy and as care-free as ever.

What Cuties!

It won't be long, of course, until Lambert is selling out stadiums on his own. The American Idol runner-up will release his debut album on November 24. There's little doubt it will be a huge success.

With Adam in a stable relationship, and with his professional life about to take off, allow us to send a message to those brainwashed hate groups that continue to protest his existence: SUCK IT!

Click on the photos below to see larger versions of Lambert and LaBry:

  • Adorable Twosome
  • Drake and Adam
  • Concert Goers
  • Adam and Drake
  • Couple of Cute Guys


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Girls may be throwing various sex toys at Adam Lambert, but the American Idol finalist still only has eyes for one man.

He told E! News this week that his relationship with Drake LaBry is still going strong.

"It's going really well," the singer said while on tour with his fellow season eight finalists "It's just fine. We're dealing with [being apart] just fine."

A Gay Ol' Time


The couple is apart, of course, because Lambert, Kris Allen and company have been touring the country for over a month now. The concerts should finally wind down next month.

"I'm excited for the future... when I'm in L.A. for more than, you know, a day," Adam told E!. "It'll be nice."

Until then, enjoy Lambert's incredible vocals, ladies - and try not to hit him in the eye with any more sex toys!

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Last week, readers of The Hollywood Gossip got to know Drake LaBry.

But Kris Allen, along with most of the American Idol finalists, already met Adam Lambert's boyfriend during season eight of the show. And the series champion couldn't be more excited that his friend is now open with this relationship.

"I think he's happier that he can be himself and it's nice," Allen said to People, when asked about Lambert stepping out with his LaBry last week. "Adam is who he is and he's not afraid. I support him in whatever he does."

Allen added that LaBry is "a really nice guy and that he and Lambert "click well and they're really nice together."

Meanwhile, Lambert has confirmed that the upcoming issue of Rolling Stone will reveal answers to everyone's questions about his sex life.

"At this point, I think everybody knows everything, but once the Rolling Stone article comes out, people will know everything," he said at last night's Young Hollywood Awards.

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Drake LaBry is dating Adam Lambert. This much we know.

But what else has been discovered about this 24-year old, who's been thrust into the celebrity gossip spotlight?

"He's been Adam's best friend and totally there with him through this whole [American Idol] process," a source told People.

Drake LaBry Picture

Here are a few other facts highlighted by the magazine...

  • LaBry hails from, and still resides in, Louisiana;
  • He has a Cajun accent;
  • He's and interior designer and a painter;
  • Drake has a tattoo on his arm, along with two (of birds) on his chest.
  • Some time ago, LaBry went backpacking around Europe with friends; they documented the trip in a series of YouTube clips. And we found one of them!

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    They are definitely out now.

    A few hours before Adam Lambert showed off his boyfriend to the world - as the American Idol finalist and Drake LaBry held hands outside a club Monday night - the pair posed for pictures during a trip to Kitson Men in Los Angeles.

    Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry need a couple's nickname. Might we suggest... LaBry?

    The staff at the clothing store said the couple was “really cordial and nice.” Lambert reportedly bought a Marc Jacobs Blazer for LaBry, the very same one he wore out later that night at Guys & Dolls nightclub.

    In case we haven't mentioned it before: our staff admires the way Adam handled the issue of his sexuality. He was never ashamed of it, never hid it and didn't feel the need to make a spectacle out of exiting the closet.

    He's just been living his life, always remaining true to himself. Props to him for that.

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    The sexual orientation of Adam Lambert is no longer a question.

    Following months of speculation about this singer's likely affinity for men, Lambert let an evening out this week do all the talking:

    He was spotted leaving Guys and Dolls nightclub in West Hollywood with Drake LaBry, a 24-year old interior designer that we can now confirm is dating the popular American Idol runner-up.

    Sources say LaBry was often in attendance at Idol tapings this season, though no one knew of his relationship with Lambert at the time.

    Click on the following pics of Adam and Drake to enlarge photos of the couple, hand-in-hand, from last night:

    • Drake LaBry Pic
    • Drake LaBry Photo
    • Drake LaBry and Adam Lambert
    • Adam Lambert and Drake LaBry

    [Photo Credit: Fame Pictures]

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    For the record, we don't care if Adam Lambert is gay or not.

    The guy is a great singer and a seemingly nice, humble fella. That's all we need to know.

    But millions of American Idol fans have been debating his sexual orientation - much to Adam's delight - for months. Supposedly, Lambert will officially come out of the closet in an upcoming issue of Rolling Stone.

    Unless he did so last night.

    The season eight runner-up was seen exiting a West Hollywood club, hand-in-hand with a man believed to be his boyfriend. We can't confirm or deny this rumor, but we can post photos of Lambert and his alleged lover...

    • Adam Lambert, Boyfriend
    • Adam Lambert and Boyfriend?

    Is this (lucky) guy Adam Lambert's boyfriend? Send us his name if you know it!

    [Photo credit: Fame Pictures]

    ** UPDATE: Our astute readers have identified the man above as Drake LaBry, a 24-year old interior designer.

    Check out more pics of him and Lambert leaving the club RIGHT NOW.

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