Amanda Brumfield, Daughter of Billy Bob Thornton, Charged in Death of Child

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Amanda Brumfield, the oldest daughter of Billy Bob Thornton, is in a lot of trouble with the law:

She's been charged with child neglect in the death of a one-year old she was babysitting.

Brumfield told police the baby died in October, following a fall from her playpen. However, the Ocoee Police Department isn't buying the tale.

According to TMZ, the autopsy determined the child suffered a fractured skull and a subdural hematoma due to blunt trauma.

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Here is Brumfield's version of events:

  • After the baby fell, she cleansed her bleeding tongue with a paper towel;
  • Brumfield and the child then played together, followed by a snack of bananas and fruit for the baby.
  • After a nap for both, Brumfield says she picked up the child and it was limp. After that, she called 911.

Police records indicate that the emergency call did not take place until two and a half hours after the original fall.


is a fail sentence. i truly beleive is a accident. best wishes too all people there are involded. (and pardon my english, is a bit rusty) why would any one on purpuse, would hurt a child. + fall from that height, you can´t say for sure , if it not can cause fatal damage to the head:(


This is whats wrong with the country!! Instead of being shocked about a dead baby, people are so concerned about why she hasn't talked to her dad in so long. On a side note, why is Paris Hilton famous


Looks like Billy Boy is only trying to protect himself.....glad I'm not his kid...deadbeat dad!!


Thornton's publicist, Arnold Robinson, said the actor is estranged from his daughter "and has had no contact with her for quite some time." Doesnt have anything to do with his own children? looks like the tabloids werent all wrong when they were calling him a dirtbag...

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