Sam Lutfi Battling Debt Collection Agency, Foreclosure

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Guess it's not too hard to see why bad seed Sam Lutfi is suing Britney Spears and her family - the loser has a debt collection agency breathing down his neck.

The recession has been tough on many of us.

According to documents obtained by TMZ, a lien was slapped on Lutfi's condo back in April. Sam never paid the debt, which grew to $18,507.58 by November.

The lien was filed by a debt collection agency on behalf of the homeowner's association where Sam Lutfi has a condo - at least for the next six or seven days.

According to documents, Lutfi has until February 10 (Tuesday) to pay up or he'll lose the condo and join the ranks of millions of Americans facing foreclosure.

The Evil One has other financial issues as well. A bank that issued Sam a Discover credit card filed a lawsuit against him last month, claiming he owes $7,966.98.

Lutfi filed a hail mary lawsuit against Britney Spears and her parents Jamie and Lynn, yesterday, claiming, among other things, libel, defamation and battery.

The moral of this story, apparently, is that you can sponge off, manipulate, bilk and even drug someone, and if they call you out on it, just sue for defamation!

Gotta love the legal system.

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