Rihanna: Unmoved By Chris Brown Non-Apology

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For the record, Rihanna's camp has declined to officially comment on Chris Brown's first public comments since his felony arrest two Sundays ago.

Sources close to her, however, have described the battered singer as being "appalled" by her boyfriend's statement, issued through a spokesman.

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"All of us, including Rihanna, do not understand how he can say he's sorry on the one hand, but still... does not admit any guilt," a Barbados pal of Rihanna tells the Chicago Sun-Times. "He should have expressed more contrition."

After a week of negative press for Chris Brown subsequent to the alleged assault that took place involving Rihanna, Brown released a statement saying he was "sorry and saddened... over what transpired," but did not go into detail.

It has been theorized that a booty call text message triggered an argument between the couple that spiraled out of control and led to a violent altercation. Rihanna also told police that this was not the first time Brown attacked her.

Rihanna and Chris Brown in happier times.

A source close to Rihanna apparently told the newspaper that she is "royally pissed off" at what she calls Brown's "cavalier and arrogant statement."

Both singers have kept a low profile after the incident, which allegedly left Rihanna with horrific injuries. Chris Brown is due in court March 5.


oh my gosh im so shocked at what chris brown did that to rihanna, i give him wrong for putting his hands on her he should have never did that, but in some of the stuff that i read about them i see that rihanna is a trouble maker and she love to hit fisrt but u cant really believe these things that people are say on the computer because they do lie sometime u cant jus jump to conclusions just like that unless u hear it comes out of the two of their mouth. i think that the best thing for them is to do councilling and know that soon or later they are goin to get back togatherso im not really saying anytihng and i am a fan of chris brown but i give him wrong


If Rihanna does not testify, how will she feel when he beats her up again, as he surely will, or when he hurts or even kills another woman? Will she still be torn then? It is time for her to grow up and do the right thing.


As you read the comments posted via the different sites, it's apparent that a lot of young women really don't have much self esteem or integrity for that matter. They speak about abuse as though it's a normal way of life, when it is unacceptable in every form. The consensus is that Rihanna should be forgive, however she should not forget. Forgetting, is what brought her into the middle of the street, where someone was beating her down like a dog. Rihanna, prayer is what you need. Seek God's advise, not these fools who say you got what you deserved, because no one deserves that. You are the VICTIM. IT SHOULD NEVER HAVE COME TO THAT. EVER. Also, pray for Chris too, because he will need it. He can run from the situation, but he can not run from God. We all have to pay for our mistakes, especially these kinds of mistakes. No matter what.


i think that they love each other so such that after this they will be back together


I think if this been happing in there relationship ,she should had know that wasn't good thats not love ,he would never put his hands on her if that was love . It sound like a lot of jealous in there realationship and I understand that they both love each if they feel like they can work it out then they should .If they dont then rihanna can move on so should chris and apology to one another and leave be they are learn they alot of love out there for the both of them.Chris I hope he learn that he shouldn't put his hands on a women ,he wouldn't like if someone did that to his mom or sister we all have to learn I still love chris and rihanna hopefully thet find a way to be friends.


I think chris brown was wrong for what he did even though rihanna did give him whatever. Also it dosen't matter if she slept with jay-z. It depend on who she love the most and who she want to spend the rest of her life with that what I think. Because young people do so many thing these days so it dosen't matter.


Rihanna needs to get a life. Atleast hesaid sorry to her. I could care less about what happened that night with these too. There so overrated. He should have let Beyonce whip her ass. She needed a serious ass whopping...and I would of wanted it from Beyonce...because Rihanna slept with Jay-Z at the 40-40 club.
Leave Chris Brown alone. How can you get mad at him, and still support all of these men beating women out there. Chris' career is not doomed. He will still have a career...and he still does. YOU WILL SEE


Rihanna needs to get a life. Atleast hesaid sorry to her. I could care less about what happened that night with these too. There so overrated. He should have let Beyonce whip her ass. She needed a serious ass whopping...and I would of wanted it from Beyonce...because Rihanna slep with Jay-Z at the 40-40 club


you guys are aware that this is an ongoing investigation,and he can only say and do so much i'm sure he will give a better apology if and when given the oppurtunity,they are still young and have a lot of growing up to do,don't be so hard on him,just because she's in the entertainment business women have been getting abused for years and know one has ever spoke up for the average woman whers's there support


Im just wanna say "everyone" let all this go, Rihanna u love Chris he loves you, that is all that matters! If it ever was true love with u guys, u forgive and move on, but u learn from it so it doesnt ever happen again! Yes he shouldnt have hit u if he did, and maybe just maybe u did something to not help that situation that night! You guys "come on" work this out, dont let someones career, who actually has awesome talent go to waste! Forgive, Learn, Love, and move on! You both are beautiful people with talent, and I know u both have hearts, you both should put them to use! Get back together and show people yall both are too strong of people to let this learning situation break a true love apart!

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