Jillian Harris Describes Her Bachelor Experience

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Following three spectacular New Zealand dates on The Bachelor, star Jason Mesnick had to narrow the field of three - Jillian, Melissa and Molly - to two.

Right or wrong, Mesnick elected to eliminate Jillian Harris, a 29-year-old interior designer from Canada, who gave ET the inside scoop on the show...

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ET: What was your favorite part of this experience?

Jillian Harris: Before I did the show, I was a little bit worried if I would find my Prince Charming. Being there and feeling those sparks again made me realize that I can have that feeling again. I loved the adventure of it. I loved not being in control for once. I loved traveling. The girls were awesome. Obviously, Jason treated me like gold. I loved that I was brave enough to take a leap of faith. What do they say? You miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take.

ET: It has to be hard to get to the final three and not win Jason's heart. If asked, would you consider being the next The Bachelorette?

Jillian Harris: Part of me says, "Jill, stop while you are ahead. Now that you have done this and learned a lot about yourself, do it the old-fashioned way." The old-fashioned way hasn't really been working for me, so the other part of me says, "Jill, just go ahead and do it. You are an adventure seeker. Give it a shot and maybe you can find him that way." I think I have to sleep on it - and maybe have a glass of wine.

ET: You mentioned that you felt you were too slow in letting Jason know how you felt about him. Is that what you would do over? Do you think it would really make a difference, or do people make a true connection, so it wouldn't change things?

Jillian Harris: Very good question. Watching the show now, I think, "Jill, you should have opened up more. Why weren't you more flirty like Melissa?" But a) I am not really like that to begin with, and b) it may have been the connection.

In my heart of hearts, I thought that he was the one, but maybe he saw something that wasn't there. That last day, I felt 90 percent we had so much in common. We shared so much and we had become such good friends. But I woke up that morning thinking, "There is this one little thing that is missing." And I wrote in my journal: "I don't know if it is going to come in time, but I have no time left."

When I watch the show, I see me. I was 100 percent me and that is who he would have had to fall in love with. I don't think I would change anything. In the future, though, I want to be able to be a little softer and show my significant other that I can't do everything on my own and I do need help. I want to share my life with somebody. I think a lot of time people think I am so independent and I want to do everything on my own. I do want somebody to share my life with - and fix my carburetor right now!

ET: Have you had time to go home yet and see how your friends react?

Jillian Harris: I do restaurant design for a restaurant chain in Vancouver, so I am always on the job site every morning. The electricians and the carpenters are like, "I cried last night." I am getting a great response from people: People thanking me for being so open and honest. So far I haven't received any negative comments. People are being supportive.

ET: What are your thoughts for Jason now that you aren't in the running?

Jillian Harris: It would break my heart to see Jason go through another break up. That is the one fear that I had. I talked to him about it on one of our dates, but you guys didn't see it. I said, "What happens if it gets to the end and it is me my buddy Melissa and you think, these girls are both awesome, but are not ready to marry either one of them? What are you going to do?"

I think Jason has a good emotional intelligence and I hope he made the right choice, because if he didn't there will be a lot of broken hearts.

ET: Who are you rooting for?

Jillian Harris: I bonded so much with [Melissa Rycroft]. We have a lot in common. We are both bubbly and sweet. I hope that he chooses her and doesn't hurt her. But Molly is smart. Molly is funny. She is articulate. She knows how to capture people's attention. I think there are so many great things about her. I see her as maybe a little too reserved, or as planning things out too much. I would say now that he hasn't chosen me, I hope it is Melissa.

ET: Do you think you and Jason will stay in touch?

Jillian Harris: I 100 percent think we will stay in touch. I had breakups before where I have been hurt. The easiest thing for me to do - a lot of my friends don't understand it - is be friends with them. Because when I have jealousy or when I have that anguish, it causes me too much anxiety. It is easier for me to be friends.

With Jason it was different. It is not like he intended to hurt me. He had to make a decision - whether it was the right or wrong one -- and I for sure think I will stay in touch with him. And whoever he chooses, hopefully we will have barbecues and hang out. We will see what happens.

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