Jessica Simpson Letting Herself Go?

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Either that, or girl needs a stylist - STAT.

Double-belted into vintage mom jeans, the alleged pop singer / former reality TV star / attempted country crooner Jessica Simpson appeared at some sort of chili cook-off concert thingy in Florida this weekend. And appear she did.

Her trademark airheadedness blonde curls and giant boobs dazzling smile may still be there, but as for that slim figure of hers, well, you can see for yourself below ...

Large and In Charge

WOW: Jessica Simpson terrifies revs up a crowd. Tony Romo may want to pursue an offseason trade. In other Cowboys news, Terrell Owens is getting a reality show!

Is she packing on the pounds or is this just a terrible photo series? What is that belt? Click to enlarge more Jessica Simpson photos from this concert event ...

Jessica Looking Terrible
Worst Jessica Simpson Fashion Ever
Eat Some More Salad
Jessica Simpson: Not Thin!
Terrible Singer
Look at Ma Hair Y'all!
Gigantic Chest
Call Ken Paves!
Double Belted
Mom Jeans in Effect!
Jessica Simpson: Big

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she looks so much better if you ask me .. i hate these skinny celebs they look so sickly.


No wonder so many young women have eating disorders and will lead a tormented life over the way they look...


Also, everyone talked crap about Britney gaining weight and being cow. This just rings a familiar bell. After Britney lost all the weight, everyone started kissing her ass again. You all are cruel, cruel people. When people are at their lowest, you sure know how to kick them down. When they're high again, you sure know how to kiss their ass. With all her money, do you really think Jessica is going to have that extra weight on her for the rest of her life? She can easily hire a trainer and shed all that weight. But, you retards don't think of that. It just makes you feel better talking crap about someone, just so you can feel better about your own pathetic, insignificant lives.


you all should be ashamed of yourself!!!! She is not fat! The average woman is a size 6 - 8. I'm a size 6 and i look amazing with my curves. I have a amazing butt and a small waste. If Jessica is happy you all should be happy for her! I'm sure this weight gain doesn't stop her from being a star and still being a catch for men!


i agree with the other people that have said disgusting!!!! i mean really she so FAT she needs to something about it. no wonder her boyfreind is cheating on her i maen who would go out with a FAT COW like HER!!


It's a good thing that she has put on weight! Ok, the clothes aren't particularly flattering but i'm glad she has put on weight and is showing everyone that you can be beautiful and curvy too!! But maybe a change of outfit wouldn't be a terrible thing.


I don't mind her being bigger than she was.. My problem lies in her fashion sense.. It doesn't flatter her at all! I'm saying this straight: What she is WEARING, makes her look FAT.


I'm sorry, but I really don't see what the problem is. So what if she gained some weight? She looks regular to me, and that's coming from a slim Black girl.


So much for "Real Girls Eat Meat". You might wanna cut down on that meat sister! You look disgusting.. Try some veggies for a change!!


I totally agree with AR (above).. She looks disgusting.. It wouldn't have been so bad if she actually tried to cover up a little, instead of wearing that hideous skin tight top... YUCK

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They're just the cutest couple in the world. They are adorable. Anybody would wish to be them and you can only wish them well. Just being around them inspires love and everything I sing about.

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