American Idol Audition of the Week: Leneshe Young

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American Idol took its show on the road to Louisville last night, and it saved the best for last.

Leneshe Young was the final contestant to audition on the program. An 18-year old from Cincinnati, this aspiring singer grew up in and out of homeless shelters. But it wasn't just a touching personal story that led to Young receiving a ticket to Hollywood.

As you can see in the video below, girl can sing! She belted out an original song for the judges:

Others that moved on to the next round last night included:

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i believe she will maker it to the top 12 through the wild card entry. i became a fan of her during her audition.
go for the american idol, leneshe!!!!!!!!!! from the philippines


i was so disappointed that leneshe young were eliminated. i hope in the wild card entry, she will get through it!!!!!!!!!!!


Is anyone from Fox reading this? Do you know something we don't about Leneshe Young? Why was that talented, original, "can't get enough of her" girl was sent home?! I can only assume they are saving her for next year.


I agree that Lenesha and Jamal should have made it to the top 36. I don't understand how Tatiana made it thru and the other guy with the headbands, can't remember his name and Jamal and Leneshe didn't. I think the judges got it wrong!!!! Way wrong.


The world has missed out on the talents of Leneshe Young for a joke like that Norman whatever...UNBELIEVABLE! Someone, please give Leneshe Young a record deal!!!


I'm in disbelief that the beautiful and talented Leneshe has been overlooked and yet Tatiana's journey in American Idol continues. This was one really bad decision judges! Please listen to what your viewers are saying and reinstate Leneshe as a finalist...the decision made was just plain wrong!!


Unbelievable!! Leneshe Young is what American Idol should be about. I absolutely can not believe that she did not get selected. She has more talent and character than that idiot Tatiana could ever hope to have. American Idol really missed the boat on this one.


I'm watching American Idol and they are letting people into this competition that were def. not better than Leneshe Young. I believe that if the judges would of passed her into this competition she would of done so well. She stood out to me out of all the auditions and was my favorite.I loved her original song! I hope she gets some big record deal because I'll def. buy her album.


How could American Idol get this one so wrong? Why did she go home and Tatiana stay? Leneshe would easily have made it to the Top 8, and had a good chance of making it all the way. So now we have to watch that idiot drama queen Tatiana all season? Her singing isn't even in the same league as Leneshe's. Are the judges kidding? I'm disgusted. I was looking forward to watching her preform and grow as a singer throughout the competition. She added a credible dimension to the program. SHE WROTE HER OWN SONG for crying out loud, she sung her own work for her tryout. Her song was completely catchy and it's not even the kind of music I usually listen to. Whatever the case Leneshe, just keep working at it and do what you have to do because you will be a star.


ok, I agree with the judges, they are usually right-on with
their picks and know the talent when they see,
when Leneshe Young was the 'best audition' at the first try
why in heck didn't she get through last night? She has such
a great and 'different' tone to her really
disappointed-she was our favorite!!!! Any chance of them

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