New Couple Alert: Victoria Prince and K-Fed!

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Britney Spears may not be in the Christmas spirit after she sees this.

Her ex-husband and father of her two boys, Kevin Federline, reportedly has a new girlfriend, and from what we've gathered, she's twice the woman Britney is.

Seriously. Girl is like 5'10"!

Fedex Man

Victoria Prince, an ex-volleyball star, is a member of K-Fed's "Party Animals" bowling team, which is currently in second place in their local league.

Here's wishing Kevin Federline and Victoria Prince the very best of luck.

In bowling, as well as in life. Those leagues can be pretty cutthroat.

Anyway, here are some classic Victoria Prince photos - click to enlarge!


Perfect work!


This new Girl "V" is a bully, bad behaviour, got kicked out of 2 sports because of bad attitude....Blah they deserve each other.


I luv brit, kevin a loser...a nobody who got popular cuz of brit. God...i hope they dont get back together.


B is a thousand times prettier my ass. V is! She is a beautiful amazing person. She is way to good for him!


B is like a thousand times prettier.
Kevin is an idiot, that's for sure.


He is just pure white trash......ewe money hungry, gold digging, a-hole....i think BRITNEY SPEARS is beautiful and deserves the best and i hope her children return to her


i hope kevin doesnt get her pregnant,convinces her to marry him, and then take her for all her loot...he's a man ho a jerk and i hope this little princess figues it out before its to late !


sorry but hes a loser, when britney got with him, she should have known he was a loser, she learned the hard way but she has 2 handsome sons and thats that...he was after her riches...he lives off of women..I hate and dont like him at all. I am very happy britney has made a come back! Thats shows that she is more than he will ever be..KEVIN IS A LOSER...

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